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La Perla 29 and Wajdi Mouawad

The love of La Perla 29 for Wajdi Mouawad began a several years ago, through the words of two friends, precisely through beloved voices that reveal something to you that you needed to discover, without knowing it. They spoke to us about a playwrighter, an actor, and a Lebanese-Quebecois director whose writing fractured time, attempting to mend the collective wounds accumulated over many years. "A huge wave sweeps me up from within, carries me, and crashes me against the rocks of my pain." First, we did Incendis, and we fell silent with you, dear audience, when everything seemed to stop before the grandeur of those words and that story. Something had exploded, and since then we have felt the need to return and return, story upon story, trace upon trace, like layers of a great tragic poem of our time. Cels, Boscos, Un obús al cor, Assedegats...

And now Tots Ocells arrives, like a cry of rage and pain, like an ancient question, like a song of consolation and desolation. We will let the play speak to you directly, the words of Wahida, Eitan, David, Norah, Leah, Edgar, Eden, and Al-Wazzan. The words of Wajdi Mouawad that we want to shoot again like arrows through space-time, traversing all the fictions we have lived together. We have the profound feeling that Tots Ocells is a new chapter of this journey shared with all of you, like a postal correspondence, like special appointments we have been keeping through his works.

And from the work to the person, we have been getting to know Wajdi Mouawad, and he has also been getting to know us and this stubborn corner of the world that is the Teatre La Biblioteca, with all its people. We have shared open conversations with the public, we have been able to take 28 i mig to the Théâtre La Colline, the national theatre of Paris that he directs; we have talked about war, about pain and happiness, about theatre and the need to create new myths, he has shared with us his passion for Mercè Rodoreda, and we have been able to thank him from heart, the heart he gives to his works.

They make us feel part of something that goes beyond ourselves, something that is expressed in the dramaturgy, in the poetry and in the philosophy of the works. They bind us re-bind us with these characters and with the painful truth they contain, which we let live within us forever.

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