other initiatives around La Perla

We call  other initiatives the projects that surround our main activity, which consists in the creation of shows. From La Perla 29 we have generated several initiatives that help our project to reach further and enrich the cultural life of the territory. Networking has allowed us to develop good theater management tools through the integralmanagement tool WIP29 and the theater management pas29, to channel social and educational concerns with La Perla petita, and to maintain a close relationship with the public bythe hand of #AsSocPerla. Like the concentric circles that form in the water around a great impact, these initiatives are the expansive wave of our way of understanding and making theatre.

Amics de La Perla 29#Assocperla
“Wajdi Mouawad explains that theater is like a red thread. A line red as blood that starts in the author, runs through the actor's heart, and ends in the spectator's heart. Weparticullarylike this idea because therehas been many plays from La Perla that have touched us with their imagery and the stories that were told. The red thread connects and intertwines the passions, concerns, and joys of all of us who share life with La Perla 29.”

AmicsdeLa Perla 29 (#AsSocPerla) was born in 2013 from the desire of a group of spectators to establish a closer connection with the theater of La Perla 29.

Since then, they have become a group of over 450 spectators who are part of the daily life of La Perla, and eventually beingparticipants in the creative processes and activities of the Teatre La Biblioteca, generating a cultural hub withcritical thinking linked to the performing arts.

The objectives of #AsSocPerla are:
  • To bring together the spectators of La Perla 29 with the intention of giving suport, as well as creating dialogueand interactionwith the company.
  • To energize, promote, and help publicize the activity and work of La Perla 29.
  • To encourage a more active participation by spectators of performing arts, based on the proposals of La Perla 29.
  • To promote various didacticactivities related to the performing arts.
  • To promote cultural and artistic creation in our country.
Visit the website Become a member of #AsSocPerla here
La perla petita
“The architect Gaudí had to break the colourfultiles in order to glue them back together and create a new wall with them. Like Espriu's mirror that shatters,and each fragment reflects a different piece of reality. Like the gaze and the doubt of each of our students. That's why we must let them approach art in their own way, suggest the form, reveal the essence. Leave space for discovery, touch, and breathe. Allowthem to create,and provide them with the space to be seduced. From here, they will have more tools available to understand what surrounds them.”
Oriol Broggi

La Perla petita is the theatreand pedagogy project of La Perla 29. Since 2003, Oriol Broggi has directed shows meant for a family audience, performed by Rosa Gàmiz, an actress and educator. As a result of this experience, La Perla 29 began collaborating with educational centreswith the aim of making theatrepractice one more pedagogical tooland a way to encourage a deeperexploration in the creative and learning processesof children.

At La Perla petita, we work according to the needs of the schools we collaborate with, whether it is to support what is already being done in different centres, start a new initiative, or complement their own activities. This has generated many collaborations, such asteacher training, organized school visits totheTeatre La Biblioteca, pedagogical projects within the schools, and many other variations that come fromsharing needs between educational agents and La Perla 29.

We share with you a series of pedagogical resources that we have developed based on these experiences, so that they can provideyou with ideas to bring performing arts and education closer, and so that you can implement them in your schools. We also provide you with more detailed information about the different initiatives of La Perla petita.

If you want to contact us, do not hesitate to write to us a
call us a 932171770.

*If you want to access the online teacher training you can write to us at info@laperla29.cat

Informació d'interès
Wip 29

Wip29 was born in 2020 as a collectiveinitiative between pas29 and Jes Serveis, after detecting the lack of a specific program for the management of cultural activities and the need to work with a tool that optimizes time and work.

As its name says, it is a work in progress, since new functionalities are constantly being considered and built.

Check out their website here.
Pas 29

Pas 29 is a professional services company for the performing arts founded in 2002 by management professionals from different areas of cultural management. Ittook the first steps with the help of La Perla 29, and for some years now the focus of its efforts has been the development of Wip29 to provide service to all cultural entities in the country.