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La Perla 29 has generated several initiatives that expand the scope of our project and enrich the cultural life of the territory. Networking has allowed us to develop effective theatre management tools through the comprehensive management platform WIP29 and the theatre management agency pas29, also to canalize social and educational concerns through La Perla petita and keep a close relationship with the audience through #AsSocPerla. Like concentric circles forming in the water around a big impact, these initiatives are the expansive ripple effect of our way of understanding and making theatre.

"Wajdi Mouawad explains that theatre is like a red thread. A red line like blood that starts with the author, crosses the heart of the actor, and ends in the heart of the spectator. We like this idea because many of La Perla's shows have traversed us with their imagery and stories. The red thread connects and intertwines passions, concerns, and joys of all those who share life with La Perla 29."

Amics de La Perla 29 (#AsSocPerla) was born in 2013 from the desire of a group of spectators to closely join the theatre of La Perla 29.

Since then, they have been a group of over 450 spectators who are part of the life of La Perla, becoming interlocutors in the creation processes and activity of Teatre La Biblioteca, generating a cultural and critical thinking hub linked to the performing arts.

The objectives of #AsSocPerla are:

  • To bring together the spectators of La Perla 29 to support, dialogue, and interact with the company.
  • To encourage a new, more active participation from the audience in performing arts, based on the proposals of La Perla 29.
  • To promote various learning spaces related to the performing arts.
  • To energize, disseminate, and help promote the activity and work of La Perla 29 and in complicity with other companies.
  • To promote artistic creation and culture in our country through promotional efforts.
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Wip 29

Wip29 was born in 2020 as a joint initiative between pas29 and JesServeis, after detecting the lack of a specific program for the management of cultural activities and the need to work with a tool that optimises time and work.

As its name suggests, it is a work in progress, as new functionalities are constantly being proposed and built.

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Pas 29

Pas 29 is a professional services company in the performing arts founded in 2002 by management professionals from various fields of cultural management. It took its first steps hand in hand with La Perla 29, and for several years has focused its efforts on the development of Wip29 to provide service to all cultural entities in the country.

Festival Shakespeare
Internationalizing La Perla 29 means broadening our field of vision and the imaginary worlds we explore. It involves programming with new perspectives on what's happening around the world, organizing international tours to showcase what we do while making Catalan culture more visible, and launching productions that facilitate the exchange of artists, designers, and creators to generate new opportunities for creative research. We believe that now is the right time to create this genuine exchange, which is why we are working to bring the Shakespeare Festival back to the cultural scene of our country.

Refounding the Shakespeare Festival, which had already celebrated eleven editions in Catalonia (2003-2015), some of which took place at the Teatre La Biblioteca, aligns with the international effort that La Perla 29 has been pursuing for several years. We are working to export our Catalan theater abroad, as we did with the stay at the Théâtre National La Colline in Paris with 28 i mig, the premiere of El Petit Príncep in Lisbon, or the programming of Bodas de Sangre at the Festival Printemps des Comédiens in Montpellier. We want to internationalize our approach, the model of management and theatrical creation, in order to foster encounters between creators from different cultural contexts, transforming the Teatre La Biblioteca into an increasingly diverse performing arts center.

The Shakespeare Festival is not just an international theater festival. It is a cultural festival where all languages and disciplines of art participate, centered around and inspired by the figure of William Shakespeare and his work. This broad approach, beyond theatre, allows the fusion of different artistic expressions, such as music, dance, painting, poetry, and other forms of creative expression, into a single event inspired by the legacy of the great playwright. After all, the works of William Shakespeare have become a common language, a shared playground where various disciplines and cultural approaches can dialogue and transcend through exchange.

We are working with the European Shakespeare Festival Network to reintegrate the Catalan festival, fully aligning with its objectives. The European Shakespeare Festivals Network (ESFN) was founded in March 2010 to channel the exchange between festivals held across the continent and promote the work of William Shakespeare. Additionally, the ESFN produces shows that reinterpret and innovate based on Shakespeare's work, organizes educational programs, supports new translations and academic research, among many other initiatives. All of this creates a genuine network of artistic and educational exchange that extends through Germany, Armenia, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Serbia.

We find it interesting and very enriching for Catalonia to be part of this network, as it is an open door to all of Europe that allows for exchange in both directions. As the only Shakespeare Festival in Spain, this project is a good opportunity for the consolidation of local artistic talent, as well as for establishing a European meeting point in Catalonia. Finally, it is worth noting that the ESFN, in addition to working to create different types of artistic projects, also works on creating new audiences. This helps to introduce the figure of William Shakespeare to different groups distant from the cultural world, as well as to give more visibility to theatrical productions and cultural projects based on the playwright's work.

La perla petita
"The architect Gaudí had to break the coloured tiles to be able to stick them back together, creating a new wall with them. Like the mirror of Espriu that breaks, and each fragment reflects a different piece of reality. Like the gaze and doubt of each of our students. That's why it's necessary to let them approach art, in their own way, hint at the form, show the depth. Leave space for discovery, touching, breathing. Let them do and provide the space to be seduced. From here, they will have more tools available to understand what surrounds them."

Oriol Broggi

La Perla petita is the theatre and pedagogy project of La Perla 29. Since 2003, Oriol Broggi has directed shows aimed at family audiences, performed by Rosa Gàmiz, actress and pedagogue. As a result of this experience, La Perla 29 began collaborating with educational centres with the aim of making theatre another pedagogical tool that encourages deeper involvement in the creative and learning processes of children.

At La Perla petita, we work according to the needs of the schools we collaborate with, whether it's to support existing activities in each centre, start a new initiative, or complement their own programmes. This has led to numerous collaborations, ranging from teacher training sessions, school visits to Teatre La Biblioteca, pedagogical projects within the centres, and many other variations that have emerged through sharing needs between educational agents and La Perla 29.

If you would like to contact us, please feel free to email us at  info@laperla29.cat or call us at 932171770.


This method arises from the desire to organize forms and work dynamics when proposing a theatrical intervention in an educational center, and it is the result of crossing and pouring years of work at La Perla 29. We have had the opportunity to share theatrical processes with many schools, and we have been training by gathering the needs of teachers and seeking tailored solutions. The particularities of each school are truly diverse, as the diversity of student profiles and educational communities. From the variety of needs, we have sought a common way to permeate schools so that performing arts become a supplementary language that enriches the learning experience.

Perhaps true education is only completed when the student can do what they are taught by their own, and when they feel by themselves that education is a tool to better understand reality. The perspective of art on what is being learned will allow them to assimilate it in a different way. Just like Modern Art, which is not necessarily something new, but it draws from and is intertwined with tradition. It inherits from the oldest artistic forms and transforms them by looking in a new way. It is necessary to convey this idea to the student and make them feel capable of participating in this game.

Incorporating performing arts into classrooms is a transformative experience. It's transformative for daily life, transformative for the school, and for the educational community. And above all, it's transformative for the students, who will never be the same again after experiencing the emotions that all this entails. We have the chance to awaken new sensitivities, to work with an audience that is demanding, curious and committed to the future. Work today to shape citizens with critical thinking skills and with the opportunity in their hands to never stop learning, forever bound to the pleasure it brings.


Performing arts enter schools to become an additional language that enriches the learning experience. The work plan is designed jointly between La Perla petita and the school to design a methodology adapted to the educational centre.

So far, we have worked with the following schools: Joan Pelegrí, La Farga, IPSI, Escola de les Aigües, Escola Waldorf-Steiner, Dominiques de Vallirana, Escola Sunion, El Til·ler.


This line of work aims to introduce the craft of theatre to children and youngsters who are interested in learning about Teatre La Biblioteca and the life of La Perla 29 from inside.

We offer three approaches to engage with theatre:

1. Rehearsal attendance and conversations with the artistic team: Participants have the chance to attend rehearsals and engage in conversations with the artistic team, gaining insights into the creative process behind a theatrical production.

2. Guided tours of Teatre La Biblioteca: Delve into the technical and artistic processes involved in staging a theatrical production through guided tours of Teatre La Biblioteca. Explore behind the scenes and learn about the various elements that contribute to bringing a performance to life.

3. Attendance at professional theatre performances: Experience the magic of theatre first-hand by attending professional performances staged by our company.

This initiative offers an invaluable opportunity to familiarize with a prominent project and venue within the contemporary theatrical landscape. It also serves as a platform for pedagogical dissemination, aiming to educate participants about the function and organization of theatre professions.


Words such as "project," "school in transformation" and "skills", have become prevalent in discussions surrounding education, reflecting a growing desire for change within educational practices. In this ongoing quest to inspire students towards learning, educators are constantly evaluating their methods and seeking pedagogical tools.

The course integrates theory and practice, offering master classes led by professionals from various fields, including actors, directors, psychologists, and pedagogues. The theoretical component covers the importance of theatre in education, developmental psychology, and pedagogical programmes. Practical sessions include directing, interpretation, voice exercises, lighting, set design, and dramaturgy. This holistic approach equips educators with tools to effectively use theatre in schools, fostering dynamic and creative learning experiences.

*If you want to access online teacher training, you can get in touch with us at info@laperla29.cat


Since 2003, Oriol Broggi has directed family-oriented productions featuring Rosa Gàmiz, actress and pedagogue, and Joan Arqué, actor and theatre director.

These shows, based on classic texts, are tailored to be accessible to children while incorporating educational elements that help them understand the theatrical process. Classic works are adapted into free narratives, allowing children to not only witness the story but also participate in creating characters and staging elements.

All productions are meticulously crafted by La Perla 29, ensuring both artistic excellence and educational value suitable for various age groups.


We share with you some educational resources merging performing arts and education. These ideas, born from our experiences, inspire creativity and enrich learning. They are aimed at engaging students while deepening their understanding of the arts, so that you can implement them in your centres.

If you need more information or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.