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"Tanti Auguri!" - the documentary


Today we are writing to you in awe of this love, almost childish, perhaps innocent, for the best theater we know how to do. We fight for life, the living and the dead, waiting to find you around the corner. And we always find you there, waiting for the next cry that we will shout from childhood. Because yes, because we are alive and we can do it and we want to do it.
May today's life be like a St. John's night and that we find ourselves dancing together around a reddish bonfire, made of green wood, as the poet said, and some remnants of an old chair. Let's celebrate the revetlla, each of you who make up the "so many heads so many hats" and that all together, at a thousand revolutions, we meet and meet again making and being La Perla 29.

Now that we will have a few days of long afternoons and short nights, we present to you the documentary of La Perla 29 and the adventure of debuting in Paris that the colleagues of Carmel have made for us.

To all of you, THANK YOU FOR LIFE and always, always GOOD LUCK!

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