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The Little Prince returns to Lisbon

For 8 years, the musical El Petit Príncep has had a season at Barts Teatre every Christmas. Now four years ago it premiered for the first time in Lisbon, at the Teatro Da Trinidade, and there too it was a success with the public and critics. This year, the show returns to Lisbon, this time at the Teatro Maria Matos , where it will be from March 12 to May 29.

O Principezinho is the Portuguese adaptation of the original The Little Prince , a show produced by La Perla 29, Manu Guix and Àngel Llàcer. In 2018 it won a Pumpkin Award in 2018 for Best Family Show and maintains and replicates all the elements of the Catalan proposal: costumes, scenography, lighting and sound, projections and graphic image.

The assembly has the same casting as in 2018; Mariana Pacheco, Paulo Vintém, Joana Brito Silva, José Lobo and Diogo Bach as the actors and actresses of the show. João Duarte Costa , under the supervision of Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix, has been the director of this Portuguese version.

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