Hamlet #1, #2 i #3

Hamlet Aribau takes place in a cinema and, for that reason, it is the most cinematic work we have done. The imposing presence of the screen, the largest in Catalonia, allows us to play a constant visual game, where the action comes to life through projections that play with what happens on stage and what is recorded, images that refer us to imaginary very diverse origins.

We have captured the process of transforming Cinema Aribau into a Shakespearean world in these three videos, which show the evolution of the production, from the first readings to the rehearsals we are doing these days, already inside the cinema. It is, more than ever, a work in progress because the space, completely unknown to us, offers us new possibilities each time, new plasticities, new plays of light, new shadows.

With you, Hamlet Aribau #1, #2 and #3.







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