El meu clàssic. Quatre voltes rebels.


Cycle of four sessions focused on essential authors of Catalan literature. Each session will include an introduction to their literary universe in relation to identity and change and the reading of texts accompanied by musical improvisation.

Four rebel laps: Mercè Rodoreda

With Marina Porras, Nora Navas and Alba Armengou
November 7, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at the Teatre La Biblioteca

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Metamorphosis is a central theme in Mercè Rodoreda's work and life. For the writer, the metamorphosis serves as an escape, as a liberation of her characters. And his When Rodoreda's characters are trapped, they transform. When Rodoreda felt trapped, she looked for a way to transform herself, what she called "the metamorphosis of the soul". In this conference we will explore the transformations of Mercè Rodoreda throughout his life, and we will see how he used this theme in his texts. We will do it with an introduction by Marina Porras and the reading of texts by the actress Nora Navas accompanied by the musical improvisation of the singer and trumpeter Alba Armengou.

"Cymbals beat, my pride leaves me!
What rain of love nourishes the root?
Defeated and all, I want to be myself,
furious abella of samel.»

Mercè Rodoreda,Dawns and nights


Four rebel laps: Montserrat Roig
With Maria Callís, Sílvia Bel and Neus Borrell
November 14, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at Teatre La Biblioteca
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"For a woman, doubt does not mean inquiry, but quite the opposite: it means affirmation of insecurity with her self, with her own identity. Doubt does not lead you to knowledge, but to the affirmation of the chains of ignorance." Montserrat Roig, writer and journalist, persistently explores the motif of identity in her stories and articles, from different angles and with the multitude of topics that overlap: metamorphosis, resilience, death. She thinks of it as a feminist politician, but also as a researcher concerned with the limits of humanity, with the greatness of man at the extremes of baseness. From the concentration camps and Leningrad under Nazi siege to the life journey of a bourgeois family at the end of Francoism, in this session we will retrace Roig's journalistic and literary journeys through human identity - and, as an undercurrent of these journeys that she struggles to make emerge, for the woman's identity. With Maria Callís and the reading of texts by the actress Sílvia Bel accompanied by the voice of the singer Neus Borrell.

"Only the name of things is innocent."

Montserrat Roig,A black velvet curtain


Four rebel laps: Víctor Català
With Mita Casacuberta, Míriam Iscla and Marta Roma
November 21, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at the Teatre La Biblioteca

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The relationship between reality and fiction is complicated to manage and balance, especially when it comes to representing a life, with all the burden of experiences, memory, decisions made or postponed, wounds and scars, overlapping masks, secrets and mystery , who act actively in the construction and deconstruction of any identity in relation to the historical time that molds and transforms it. If, as in the case of Víctor Català, this identity is literary and deliberately constructed, has a public component, responds to a multiplicity of names and entails a not inconsiderable amount of interpretations, the challenge is capital. We will delve into this identity with an introduction by Mita Casacuberta and the reading by the actress Míriam Iscla accompanied by Marta Roma's cello.

"Consciousness was not an unbearable weight, but an evaporated essence."

Victor Catalan


Four rebel laps: Maria Mercè Marçal
With Caterina Riba, Paula Malia and Berta Sala
November 28, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at the Teatre La Biblioteca

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The work of Maria-Mercè Marçal is an indisputable milestone in Catalan literature. Among other issues, Marçal inaugurates certain specifically female themes in Catalan literature such as motherhood, love between women and breast cancer, which had few precedents. Working-class and Catalan woman, Marçal unfolds a cosmos of identities that we will approach in this act around the body and the author's poetic elaboration of it. With an introduction by Caterina Riba and reading of her texts with the actress Paula Malia accompanied by the musical improvisation of Berta Sala.

"I frame with four pieces of wood
a sky lock and hang it on the wall.

i have a name
and with chalk I write it underneath."

Maria Mercè Marçal,Badge (Mourning Witch)



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