By William Shakespeare, with The Tiger Lillies, directed by Oriol Broggi

From 02.19.2025 to 04.13.2025

The international tour begins in May 2025 onwards, after eight weeks in Barcelona.

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La Perla 29 and The Tiger Lillies represent two solid international projects, each bringing its distinctive aesthetics, blending theatre and music. The result is a singular version of Macbeth that also incorporates visual and narrative elements, capturing the essence of surrealism and transporting the audience on an extraordinary journey each night, led by La Perla 29’s actors and the live music of The Tiger Lillies.


The theatrical company from Barcelona, La Perla 29, and the London trio The Tiger Lillies come together to narrate the tragic tale of Macbeth. These two aesthetics merge, two theatrical and musical visions refocusing this great classic, two formidable artistic collectives that create a new way of telling this impactful work that speaks of power and war, guilt, blood-stained hands, death, spells, and the indelible memory of crimes spurred by mad ambition. A great artistic display that plunges us to the heart of Macbeth, whose name cannot be spoken.

“Is this a dagger which I see before me,
The handle toward my hand?
Come, let me clutch thee.”
Macbeth, Act II Scene
Artistic team

From William Shakespeare's play

With The Tiger Lillies

Directed by Oriol Broggi

Martyn Jacques
Adrian Stout
Budi Butenop

Rest of the cast in course

Assistant director
Montse Vellvehí


A production of La Perla 29

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Direction notes

For a long time, we've wanted to create a show with the English band The Tiger Lillies, and when we first met in Berlin, while they were performing at the Kanzleramt Theater, the choice was clear: it had to be Macbeth. Renowned for their rock-infused cabaret style and marked by the sarcastic tone of their songs, The Tiger Lillies' concerts are clearly inspired by Brechtian aesthetics.

On stage, we shall present the trio of musicians alongside three actors. They'll narrate and sing this tragic tale in a space with irregular wooden platforms, varying in both height and width, and a small stage for the musical instruments. Wood is crucial to evoke a sense of an outskirt’s theatre, the feeling of being in a space that has been specifically set up for this performance. Some of these platforms can be lifted, creating a pit, a grave for the countless dead left behind by William Shakespeare's writings. The atmosphere will perpetually evoke the night, the unsettling and long night that accompanies Macbeth's delirious reign. And the lights will draw sharp diagonals, tinting the air with mist and smoke. Indeed, part of the space will be drawn like this, with light of different temperatures adding depth and dramatic profundity to the lives depicted by the actors and musicians.

Upon this canvas, we'll witness the tragedy of Macbeth while at the same time playing to be a melancholic and torn company that has decided to represent this story. Reality and fiction intertwine, as we aim for the audience to find a particular magic in the fable we weave, with the company and within the very theatre where all this unfolds. Macbeth will be reflected in the concave mirrors of all these bizarre characters, outcasts, and marginalised individuals with twisted morals, who seem to have stepped out of a Poe's tale or the songs of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. These concave mirrors, distorting the figures and amplifying their vices, will show us a new perspective on our own reflection as we delve into the depths of Macbeth's psyche.

Oriol Broggi, director



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