Sant Pere el Farsant

Col·lectiu Pedant a Missa i Repicant

From 03.27.2023 to 04.02.2023
1h 45min

We invite the Col·lectiu Pedant a Missa i Repicant. A new holy week procession, with no palms, no laurels, eclectic and rabious, enters the Library Theatre making Easter before Rams and rejuvenates the passion with "Saint Peter the Farsant".


Bim! Bam! The bells ring and announce the story of Pere, a young anarchist who, more than brave, was reckless, more than cautious, he was a coward, and more of a fraud than a saint. A Holy Week tale in the form of a cantata, for four actresses and a small orchestra.

The night after a police operation, Pere, in a fit of bravado, sets out to either single-handedly free his arrested comrades or give his life in the attempt. On the way to the police station, drunk and out of control, haunted by memories of his triumphant militancy and feeling more alone than ever, he encounters public punishment at the hands of the authorities from one of his organization's comrades. Faced with the bloodied body of his martyred friend, Pere must decide whether to acknowledge him before everyone and face the same fate as him and his comrades or deny it and save his own skin. When Pere denies his friend, the gates of hell open in front of him, and one by one, the actors of a grand allegory emerge to make him pay the price for betraying his friends.

Artistic card

Dramaturgy and direction
Quim Carandell and Lluc Valverde
Assistant director
Laura Roig
La Ludwig Band

Gabriel Bosch
Roger Cassola
Quim Carandell
Cristina Colom
Andreu Galofré
Louise Good
Laura Roigi 
Lluc Valverde

Set design and lighting 
Lluc Valverde
Set construction 
Paloma Lambert and Lluc Valverde
Costume design 
Paloma Lambert, Lluc Valverde, and Marian Vélez
Costume making 
Paloma Lambert and Marian Vélez
Executive production 
Désirée Gómez
Communication and social media 
Paola Amghar
Désirée Gómez

With the support of
La Nau Ivanow and The Indians Runners.

Acknowledgments Locus Estudio
A production of La Perla 29

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