Un, ningú i cent mil

From Luigi Pirandello, Direction by Ferran Utzet

From 04.25.2019 to 05.19.2019
1h 30min

How can a person completely ignore himself? Is it possible for others to know us better than we know ourselves? How many Vitangelo Moscarda exist, then? One, none or a hundred thousand? Based on an apparently trivial and humorous anecdote - Vitangelo Moscarda, the protagonist, realizes thanks to his wife that he has a crooked nose - Pirandello takes the opportunity to reflect on identity and its limits. A search process, sometimes metaphysical and other times ridiculous and parodic, for the true essence of the self.


Un, ningú i cent mil (1926) is Pirandello's final novel. It was a work of long and difficult gestation. "It is the complete synthesis of everything I have done and the source of everything I will do," he said. "It will be like my literary testament. After the publication of the text, I should remain silent forever."

A man undergoes an identity crisis due to a trivial observation about his nose made by his wife while he looks in the mirror. From that moment on, the mirror reflects back to him the image of "the other," the man who is not, but appears to be: the individual who is not "one" but "a hundred thousand," someone with as many personalities as others can attribute to him. Whoever makes this discovery becomes "nobody," at least to himself, because he has no choice but to see himself as others see him, that is, in his hundred thousand diverse personalities.

Artistic card

Luigi Pirandello
Ferran Utzet
Ferran Utzet
based on the translation by Marina Laboreo (Edicions de la Ela Geminada, 2017)

Laura Aubert
Marc Rodríguez

Space and props
Paula Miranda
Pep Barcons
Guillem Rodríguez
Giulia Grumi
Movement advisor
Xavi Duch
Stage manager
Marta Garolera
Technical functions
Juan Boné
David Ruano and Bito Cels
Public relations
Ailin Migliora and Núria Ubiergo

A production of La Perla 29

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Management notes

Who am I really? Few questions as simple to ask as this have triggered more identity crises. Perhaps because the answer, the real answer, can shake everything... This is the abyss into which, unexpectedly, Vitangelo Moscarda (Marc Rodríguez), the protagonist of Un, ning ú i cent mil , is thrown. It all begins the day Dida (Laura Aubert), his wife, tells him that his nose is crooked. This seemingly banal observation precipitates an increasingly over-the-top reaction from Vitangelo, who begins by obsessing over the image others have of him and then faces the colossal task of discovering who his true self is. If there is only one…

The depth, thoroughness and humor with which Pirandello describes the odyssey of Vitangelo Moscarda makes us follow him without hesitation along the increasingly delirious and lucid paths of self-knowledge. Not only that: Moscarda's confusion takes on an unexpected dimension in the hyper-connected modernity in which we live. Because in the era of virtuality, networks, profiles... Who am I really?

Un ning ú i cent mil is a show that adapts the novel of the same name by Luigi Pirandello, written in 1926. A first version of the show premiered during the first edition of the Escenes de Filosofia i Teatre festival. Les Nits de la Maleta a la Perla, held at the Biblioteca de Catalunya in October 2017.

Ferran Utzet



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