4D òptic

By Javier Daulte

From 11.27.2018 to 01.13.2019

Is it possible for a spectator to see two plays at the same time and not realize it?


A group of scientists, dedicated to testing highly technological optical protocols, accidentally discovers a door leading to the fourth dimension, another reality where a subplot introduces us to a singing diva who is scheduled to give an exclusive recital in a castle at the foot of the Alps, and a group of criminals hired by a record company to assassinate her. But what would happen if the two realities had a common point?

Artistic card

Text and direction
Javier Daulte 
Toni Casares

Antònia Jaume
Nuria Legarda
Sandra Monclús
Nora Navas 
Carme Poll
Jordi Rico
Albert Triola
David Vert

Stage design, lighting, and sound
Javier Daulte
Costume design
Marian Coromina
Assistant director
Víctor Muñoz and Calafell
Director's assistance
Jordi Cid
Sound collaboration
Damien Bazin
Hair and makeup
Helena Fenoy and Marta Ferrer
Stage manager
Marc Serra and Marta Garolera
Juan Boné and Emili Vallejo
Attention to the public 
Núria Ubiergo
Pep Daudé and Bito Cels
Andrea Gusi and Ailin Migliora

A production of La Perla 29

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

4D Òptic is the first play I wrote, directed, and premiered in Catalan before doing so in Spanish. It's been 15 years since then, and today we return with the same cast to the Library, thanks to La Perla 29. It's a joy and a new challenge. 4D represents a unique adventure for both actors and spectators: creating/seeing two plays at once. That was the initial premise with which I began to imagine the show.

A group of scientists, following an accident in an experiment, creates a passage between their reality and another alternate and unsuspected one. On one side, physicists will try to close that hole that threatens to psychotize reality, and on the other, a miserable group of criminals devises a plan to assassinate a pop singer and steal a valuable choker in a palace lost somewhere in Europe. The game of doubles and alternate lives unfolds with the procedure typical of farce, serving as an excuse to validate the suspicion that in addition to our reality, we inhabit another in parallel, in a habitual and everyday way: that's our dreams and fantasies, our affinity with the fictions that captivate us, and it's also the exile that gives the clear sensation of being part of two different and complementary worlds. The staging is ascetic and economical because from the beginning the bet was clear: the magic of the story is possible thanks to the complicity of the actors, with whose art they are able to make us see an elephant where there is absolutely nothing. The cast that forms 4D, combined with their immense talent, has become the most endearing group of friends I have in Barcelona. Their love and unconditional support over the years reconcile me with this overly long bridge that separates Buenos Aires from Catalonia. In my personal case, 4D is much more than a show. It is representative of a decisive portion of my life as an artist. I thank La Perla 29 and everyone who makes this project possible.

Javier Daulte



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