Festival Escenes de filosofia i teatre. Les nits de La Maleta i La Perla

From 10.26.2017 to 10.28.2017

Philosophy returns to the theatre, this year under the title "silence and speech". Oriol Broggi and Josep Ramoneda bring together the two cultural universes that surround them and this proposal comes from the intersection of languages. Philosophy and theater dialogue at the Teatre Biblioteca de Catalunya and invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the existing relationship between words and silence through various formats: talks, meetings, coffees, stagings and whatever comes up .


Scenes of philosophy and theater 2018 starts from a question: in a moment of cultural relativism, of a plurality of opinions and dissonant voices, all put on the same level of construction of reality; in a time of information dispersion where a new form of censorship is imposed on those who do not contribute to generating noise, where is the silence? Where is the nothing that gives meaning to being? Where is the listening and the minimum basis of consensus, necessary to undertake any dialogue? From where to build a common agreement today? Scenes of philosophy and theater claims the theatrical form as a specific and fruitful mode of thinking in common, as an ideal framework from which to think anew about the need to collectively build common bases . It is necessary to recover the scene as a form of thought, its determining relationship with the public, with its implicit codes - which may need to be broken - and with a presence - which may need to be rethought - unprecedented in other areas. It must be resumed in order to reverse the individualism inherent in modernity, the basis of the extreme cultural relativism that today prevents any solid attempt at community thinking.

You can check this year's program below (it may still be subject to some last-minute changes):


18:00 Philosophical Cafébetween Belén Gopegui and Enric Puig Punyet

19:00 The frontiers of dialogueby Claudio Magris and directed by Oriol BroggiWith Màrcia Cisteró

19:30 Recovering the consensusConversation with Raffaele Pinto and Josep Ramoneda

9.30pm Babel BubblePerformed by Ferran Utzet and Max Grosse MajenchWith Jordi Figueras, Blai Juanet, Andrea Portella, Xavier Ruano and Laura Weissmahr

10.15pm The theatrical silenceConversation with Xavier Albertí and Edurne Portela


6:30 p.m.Style exercisePerformed by Ferran UtzetWith Màrcia Cisteró, Jordi Figueras, Blai Juanet, Andrea Portella, Xavier Ruano and Laura Weissmahr

19:15 The specificity of theater in the time of the technical imageConversation with José Sanchis Sinisterra and Isaki Lacuesta

20:30 Philosophical coffeeConversation between Jordi Balló and Ferran Utzet

9.30pm Watching Peeping TomDirected by Alícia GorinaWith Alba Pujol and Àlex Gorina


5.30pm Under the maskIn the Anatomical amphitheater of the Royal Academy of MedicinePosada in scene by Ferran UtzetWith Laura Aubert, Blai Juanet and Jordi Figueras

18:10 Scene and truthConversation with Arianna Sforzini and Carl Hegemann

20:00 Philosophical coffeeConversation with Oriol Broggi and Josep Ramoneda

9:00 p.m. The need for theater todayConversation with François Jullien

10:15 p.m. Make the world great?Staging by Max Grosse MajenchMàrcia Cisteró, Andrea Portella and Laura Weissmahr

11:00 p.m. Silent march

Cloenda - Off final

*Doors open at 6pm -Bar service inside the space

*On Tuesday November 6 at 8pm there will be an activity organized by #AsSocPerla to talk to curator Enric Puig Punyet and stage managers Ferran Utzet and Max Grosse Majench about the proposal and content of the Festival

Artistic card

Director: Josep Ramoneda and Oriol Broggi

Commissioner: Enric Puig Punyet

Stage directors: Ferran Utzet and Max Grosse Majench

Xavier Albertí
Jordi Balló
Belén Gopegui
Carl Hegermann
Francois Julien
Isaki Lacuesta
Raffaele Pinto
Edurne Portela
José Sanchis Sinisterra
Arianna Sforzini

Laura Aubert
Marcia Cisteró
Jordi Figueras
Blai Juanet
Andrea Portella
Xavier Ruano
Laura Weissmahr

Lighting: Pep Barcons

Costume: Annita Ribera

Councillors: Marc Serra and Marta Garolera

Technicians: Juan Boné and Arnau Planchart

Public service: Nuria Ubiergo and Maria Losada

Video: The Rectory

Translation: Simultaneous

A co-production of La Perla 29 and La Maleta de Portbou. Journal of Humanities and Economy

With the support of the Banc Sabadell Foundation.

With the collaboration of Barcelona City Council.
With the collaboration in the dissemination of Barcelona Ciutat Oberta.

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