Forever Hugs

"Unbearably long hugs" ends this Friday. It has been a beautiful journey, a new way to discover the stories around the fire, to remember that the will of the universe is here, and that it can help us if we know how to listen to it. That the question about meaning helps us to grow, that paying attention to our spiritual side gives us calm and understanding, but that we must not forget that all of this is, deep down, a joke, a fiction, a gesture that is both real and ethereal like a hug.

KRYSTOF: Do you allow yourself to be hugged?

MONICA: Can you hug me?

CHARLIE: Let me hug you.

KRYSTOF: I allow you to hug me.

AMY: I allow myself to hug.

MONICA: I allow myself…

CHARLIE: I allow you…

MONICA: You hug me...

AMY: I to you…

AMY: Will you let me hug you?


Many thanks to the whole team for giving us this transuniversal, intermatter, metahistorical, synchronizing and supervitalist piece!

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