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Conversation between Oriol Broggi and Wajdi Mouawad

Wajdi Mouawad is one of the main references of La Perla 29. Oriol Broggi has staged several texts by the French-Lebanese author, such as Incendis, Boscos, Cels and Asedegats, all of which were well received by the public and critics . That is why we were particularly excited that they met last Saturday, March 19, in public conversation in La Colline.

How to talk about happiness, beauty, kindness, creativity, or even childhood, in moments as raw as the ones we're living through? With what right does the artist isolate a plot of the world to highlight these concepts? How to face the question of happiness through art and theater? That implies?

About this, and about their respective cultural and geographical contexts, Broggi and Mouawad have been talking for about an hour and a half in front of a half-French, half-Catalan audience, with the help of the translation by Adrià Ballonga, professor of Catalan language and literature at the Sorbonne University.

We share the video of the meeting, which was the result of the collaboration between #AsSocPerla, La Perla 29 and La Colline.


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