The memory of beauty

The memory of beauty is a collection of conversations about theater and artistic creation that is born from the collaboration between Oriol Broggi and Andreu Gomila, by the hand of L'Altra Editorial . In the book, Oriol unfolds his way of understanding this ancient craft, shares anecdotes, references and advice that have worked for him in the rehearsal room, explains how La Perla 29 was born, how the dialogue between artistic direction works , production and technique, and reflects on his doubts and illusions when creating a feature that will last in the memory of the viewer.

The memory of the beauty is based on interviews shared by Andreu and Oriol, and when we read his words we have the feeling of having a long coffee with him in a free and relaxed conversation. Oriol speaks of teachers, of a long chain of transmission of the theatrical profession in which he is a link. And he transmits to us what his teachers have transmitted to him and what he has discovered. And we as a team recognize each other. Each show that he mentions in the book is a world that we have lived and that we have raised side by side, it is a very strong impulse from Oriol that he has transmitted to us with Bet and Juli, a universe that opens us up and that encourages us to cross looking for Treasure Island. This search for beauty, for us, is the day-to-day life of La Perla 29, a group of people who, however well it has varied, always pivots around a spirit of unbridled creation and management, careful, kind and beautifully doable. A reality

Maybe beauty is, after all, a memory. A word we use to evoke what we felt an inspired evening, a memory lever we use to recover the carnal experience of art, or the grateful praise of what we carry sealed in our hearts. What is clear to us is that in this coming and going of memory and presence we always find the friendly hand from which the spark is born, which is the same hand that takes a hammer to build the stands of the Library or that ages with a brush the woods that will be used as a platform. The memory of beauty , for us, is tinged with Broggi and we want to continue on the open sea chasing this beautiful future memory.

"My job is to organize scenes. Andreu's job is to organize my words."

"I have thought a lot about my work, especially since I have a team like the one at Perla. It forces me to verbalize things, to explain what we do, how we do it, what we do right and wrong, what obsessions we have."

"Chaplin said that life is a great tragedy, but that if you look at it from afar it is like a comedy. To do theater is to have this vision of life"

"We make theater from an idea. Let's work on it, let's see how it turns out. We explain ourselves on the ground. This book has been an opportunity to explain ourselves".

"We all want to be remembered, but I didn't want to be a professor of anything, or do theory. Anyone who wants theory should read Peter Brook. Here we wanted to explain what we do and how we do it, how we started, anecdotes, personal moments"

“I don't know if this book will appeal to theater people, maybe it will appeal to non-theatre people. In any case, the fact that a publisher wants to talk about theater is already positive and is to be appreciated."

"Theatre is the only art in which the audience and the actors share the same bond: the here and now. They both know that they will die and that what they are living is now"

Clips of the conversation between Oriol Broggi and Andreu Gomila at the press conference


The book will be presented at a meeting with #AssSocPerla next February 10 at 7pm at Teatre La Biblioteca with the presence of Oriol Broggi and Andreu Gomila. To attend, you must register in this form .

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