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The La Perla 29 team is doing a gender course

The team at La Perla 29 have been carrying out a gender course led and conceptualized by Mireia Colomer, trained in Gender Studies in London, during the last few months. There have been 7 sessions of theory and practice that have allowed us to learn, advance and think about everything that surrounds the genre and how we can apply it both professionally and personally.

Mireia has led us through history using gender as a conceptual framework to better understand our present, she has presented us with the basic terminology to help us communicate more precisely and she has introduced us to different concepts for help us understand the complexity of the power relations that make up our society. Thus, we have progressed, understanding the importance and impact of language and discourse in our work and in our creations.

We read articles that made us debate as a group about our needs and wants as people who together make up the La Perla team. We were also able to have Maritza Sore (journalist and gender studies researcher and founder of Colectiva Katari) talk to us about artivism , and about the different possibilities of making art and activism at the same time.

Finally, we were able to work in a practical way with Jana Vallvé (visual artist, director, musician, illustrator and art therapist in training). With her we developed the most creative part around gender roles and cohesion as a team and the relationships between us.

All in all, we believe that this experience has enriched us and offered us a space to get to know each other better individually and collectively, and we feel that we leave as a strengthened team, better able to contribute modestly to the betterment of our community and aware of the importance of keeping an open view and that it always looks beyond.

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