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A show like a memory

"The memory is primarily rooted in the heart."
Tennessee Williams


When we delve into a memory, we first piece it together, assembling its fragments, exploring the interplay of light and space, the voices of the actors, their movements, and the way they gaze at one another... And then, almost imperceptibly, we find ourselves drawn into it, gradually, as the experience gains strength, as we become entwined with the narrative, with the life that the actors emit and that captivates us. We will live this play like a sudden sigh upon remembering, like the memory that returns and brings back a tear for everything we have lived.

We proposed to Martina to play with the aesthetics of the rehearsal, to present a staging that reveals its seams, where the artifice, openly displayed, becomes a pathway into the fiction, strengthening it as it envelops and transports us. The poetics emerge from the delicate illusion of theatre, from the authenticity of the actors who play on the tightrope, and from the melancholy of the great works that echo the hopes and struggles we carry within.

This season we find ourselves talking about families, each a unique and captivating world, a fiction in itself. Therefore, we are thrilled to present our verison of "The Glass Menagerie" to you, arguably one of Tennessee Williams' most cherished works. Written in 1944, its premiere marked the start of one of America's greatest playwrighters' career. It's an honour to have Martina, Laura, Roger, Clara, David, and Núria join us in rediscovering this magnificent piece of repertoire with us, to the rhythm of piano and vinyl.

Let yourselves be carried away by the story of the Wingfields, and perhaps you will also find a corner for them among your own memories.


La Perla 29
April 2024


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