Tonio, el poeta

Based on the novel Tonio Kröger by Thomas Mann, Direction by Oriol Broggi

From 05.11.2011 to 05.22.2011

Tonio, el poeta is the result of a workshop organized by La Perla 29 with young postgraduates in performance aged between 20 and 30 years old


The story of Tonio Kröger is the story of a young man who wants to be an artist, poet and bohemian. A son of a good family who grows up in an environment where art and literature are the fundamental pillars of life.

Years later, when Tonio grows older and can observe with perspective, he thinks that maybe he was wrong. He sees his friend Hans Hansen, married and in love (with the beautiful Ingeborg Holm, Tonio's muse) who has formed a family and instead he is alone, with his literature and his verses. Doubts enter him and he wonders if he would not have preferred to choose a "normal" life. Would I have been happier? He would have had a stable job, he would not have broken with any convention, by now he would have some stability in the various areas of life... This short novel by Thomas Mann is a delicate pearl. Mann tells us the story of a young artist who grows up and who with enormous sensitivity asks questions about the world he has lived in, life, love and happiness. All tinged with a great melancholy towards the past and towards everything that could have lived and at a given moment he did not know how to choose.

Artistic card

Based on the novel
Tonio Kröger by Thomas Mann
Jeroni Rubió and Oriol Broggi
Direction and space
Oriol Broggi

Enric Auquer
Laia Cabrera
Claudia Font
Sara Espígul
Francesc Isern
Ònia Jané
Xavier Juclà
Paula Lacorte
Paula Mariscal
Rubén Pérez
Mireia Piferrer
Aina Ripol
Omar Sanchís

Have also participated in the project Montse Vellvehí, Clara Segura, Marissa Josa, Lluís Soler, Eva Roig, Sebas Brosa, Julio Manrique, Lluís Cusó, Àngel Llàcer, Manu Guix, Pablo Puche, Jordi Llovet and La Perla 29 team.

Stage Manager
Marc Serra
Guillem Gelabert
Lídia Figueras
Audience Relations
Jordi Valls
Communication and Press
Anna Madueño
Blanca Arderiu
Production Director
Bet Orfila

A production by La Perla 29

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