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First edition of the Festival Encalma: a cycle of intimate concerts at the Teatro La Biblioteca, an idyllic space in the center of Barcelona. When Alguer Miquel and Àlex Torrens came to us to propose the festival, their drive immediately resonated and we became clear that we would make it possible.


Encalma is a calicle festival where unique and special things happen. A journey inside the soul of consolidated musical universes and emerging proposals, in the spirit of who gathers around the fire in a shelter of calm for this winter. We want to get carried away by songs, stories, sound landscapes and emotions.

Artistic card


Thursday 1 December at 20:45

Since its inception, Jo Jet and Maria Ribot have sparked their own rebellion in a musical scum made of delicacy and remarkable emotional intensity. With poetry as the main axis of his lyrical character, the formation has burst into the mindless imagination of every listener from his first legacy, Viatges i flors (self-published, 2014), to the last, Sant Llorenç, (U98, 2020).

In between, they complete a vital discography with titles such as Free or Repair (self-published, 2016), in which the artists featured the production of Jordi Casadesús and Mau Boada, as well as the support of the Konvent team, which has been maintained in subsequent works such as Mantra (self-edited, 2018). This year, the Bages return, renew their airs and sculpte a disc free of certainties, entering completely unnoticed terrain.

With Mr. Chen in the production and creative team of JJMR, consisting of Ignasi Ávila, Elisabet Mateu, Queralt Guinart and Berni Puig, among others, the formation is this time heading towards an unknown, independent, direct, more urban and ambiguously trivial direction.


Thursday, 15 December at 20h

With Raül Refree and Maria MazzotaThe history of Europe is full of choreomania rituals: times when peoples were summoned to do collective catharsis. "San Paolo di Galatina" is an invitation to live together a collective catharsis ritual. Raül Refree proposes a retelling of the traditional music of Puglia: both of its more religious side and of the pagan ritual of taranta. With the voice of Maria Mazzota, San Paolo di Galatina, it is a concert that, from the relecture of the musical tradition, makes a journey through the literary references of collective catharsis to place us, as spectators, at the center of the Catalan experience.
Raül Refree – organ, guitar and synthesizer
Maria Mazzota – voice and tamburino

Thursday 22 December at 20:45

Alex Serra is a musician from Soul Dub in Barcelona. Her debut album In the Real World (Mundo Zurdo 2019) is the source of an inspiring four-year initiator tour of Latin America and South Africa, where she connects with musicians of different musical roots who permeate her music with a singular and regenerative energy. Along with TotiArimany (Totidub), presents a concert that breathes a personal intimacy of a ritual or ceremony. Sounds and the environment of nature will transport the listener to a space where the imagination can be relaxed and blown up.


Friday 23 December at 20:45

Living intensely at every moment, but without succumbing to the frenetic rhythm of the world. This is the roadmap that guides the Marialluïsa on their new album "Life is short but broad". A delicious treatise of sensual pop that will take you up with all five senses. Prior to the egalitarian quartet, the duo "Foss" (cascade in Icelandic) will present their debut album, indie-folk tranquil with electronic matrices that draw a delicate and, at the same time, wild musical universe.


Friday, 13 January at 20:45H

Encalma presents a musical dialogue between Sandra Monfort and Selma Bruna, members of the Marala group, where they will perform tracks from their solo works "Niño Reptil Ángel" and "Dorsal", respectively.

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