Coralina, la serventa amorosa

De Carlo Goldoni, dirigit per Oriol Broggi

From 05.31.2023 to 07.28.2023
2h 15min

A glorious spectacle by Carlo Goldoni with 10 actors, transforming Teatre La Biblioteca into an authentic summer feast. Written in 1752, it constitutes the main core of the cycle that Goldoni, in a very revolutionarily way, dedicated to the servant as the protagonist, along with La locandiera and Le donne gelose.


Coralina is the servant of the mansion of Ottavio, where she was born and raised "as a daughter" with the heir, the young Florindo. But now Mr Ottavio has become a widower at an advanced age and has remarried to Beatrice, who cleverly pulls all the strings to make his own son, Lelio, the recipient of the elder’s inheritance. She has managed to banish the young Florindo from her home and Coralina, degraded to the status of servant of last level, has decided to follow him. They survive almost as beggars with the miserable pension passed on to them by the blind Mr Ottavio. But Coralina is lucid and stubborn, and will set herself a mission to restore Florindo’s good position in front of his father and his estate...

Thus begins a tangled web of strategies and complications that will trigger loving fervors, pacts with notaries, plots between service and many objectives intertwined in a passionate story that will turn the Teatro La Biblioteca into a party... and in a big mess!

Artistic team


Carlo Goldoni
Oriol Broggi
Text Work 
Ramon Vila








Thanks Mercè Pons and Miquel Erra
A prodution of La Perla 29

Mireia Aixalà
Joan Arqué Solà
Xavier Boada
Rosa Gamiz
Clara de Ramon
Xavier Ruano
Sergi Torrecilla
Ireneu Tranis
Ramon Vila
Jaume Viñas

Pep Barcons

Elisabet Meoz

Sound design and scenography 
Oriol Broggi
Clàudia Abbad

Alicia Lamelas, Neli Maza and Clàudia Fascio
Roger Blasco

Jordi Castells
Roger Blasco, Pau Montull i Guillem Vila

Marc Serra i Alicia Lamelas

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Direction notes

Dear friendly audience, we welcome you back to our theatre, with a smile to the end and hope, and we ask ourselves to be restless if you want to play with us during the time of the performance that is just about to begin. These days, as we testified, we searched in the work that we wanted to make our own way of telling the story of Coralina. It's not easy for us sometimes to find the tone, to discover a flattering way to get to the essence of what Goldoni should have looked for, and to move it to the present day. The theater game allows you to go up and down through feelings and emotions, and find in a way to get it to you. And also, on some occasions, to rethink the forms of the theater. What vertigo, huh? That's what we feel as we age. How can we find the truth from the fireworks, or rather, how can we show the fireworks that make us smile in the truth that makes us cry? We're excited to show you our work, we're anxious to share it with you, and to try to find together that tone we're looking for. Goldoni's comedies are born at a time of change, and they themselves represent a very important change for the theatre, perhaps that is why they propose a constant evolution. We are at the borders of what we already know and what we want to bring back into being. The ancient can be entirely contemporary if we can find the color of each gesture and each breath. And we'd like it all to be kind and sweet as a summer song that caress you. This is an important and beautiful moment for us, which makes us feel alive. We hope that you, like us, these characters will get you somewhere else as well.

Oriol Broggi



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