Un obús al cor

From 10.04.2017 to 10.22.2017
80 min

"The pain was very strong and there was nothing to do. Nothing. I was there watching myself being consumed and I no longer knew who I was. And because the silence that settled was to vomit, deadly, it ended to ask him: 'What can I do, but what can I do?'"


Un obús al cor, an explosive device that once again questions the bonds with parents, the truth of life, and the yearning for death. A monologue by Mouawad that serves as an epitome of the entire series "The Blood of Promises". A text of high emotional voltage. An intimate work with Ernest, co-directed.

Artistic card

Wajdi Mouawad
Ramon Vila
Oriol Broggi and Ferran Utzet

Ernest Villegas

Quim Blancafort
Audiovisual Design
Francesc Isern
Berta Riera
Sound Collaboration
Damien Bazin
Function Technician
Juan Boné
Stage Manager
Marc Serra
Technical Head
Cesc Pastor
David Ruano / Lara Alonso
Audience Care
Laura Torres and Núria Ubiergo

A co-production by La Perla 29 and Temporada Alta

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Management notes



A shell in the heart, an explosive bomb that reconsiders the bonds with the parents, the truth of life and the greed of death. A monologue by Mouawad in which we find almost a summary of the entire series of Blood of Promises. A very high voltage text. An intimate work with Ernest and led by four hands.

When a text reaches your heart in this way, the only thing we can do is to start rehearsing and building something to act as a bridge to the viewers. Wajdi Mouawad sharpens the words and creates a theatricality that cuts through you like a knife. "An immense wave gathers me from the bottom of my interior, and drags me, and throws me against the rocks of my pain".

A shell in the heart is a monologue by a young man who receives a call in the middle of the night and takes a bus trip to the hospital where his mother is dying. It's cold, very cold. snow He fights against himself, against the cold, the snow and the wind, to understand what he feels. And all life passes before him. Wajdi Mouawad centrifuges all his theatre, sentences, characters, themes, pain, humor, sorrow and sadness, in 15 planes of wonderful poetry.

From La Perla 29 we approach his theater again, and there we rediscover the magic of the monologue, the actor who alone, in front of the audience, tells a good story with his art. And unfolds the feelings; sufferings and joys. He alone, with nothing but his body, the word, and the theater.

Ernest Villegas, Ferran Utzet and Oriol Broggi



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