By Víctor Sunyol

From 09.29.2021 to 10.24.2021

This show reaches La Perla 29 thanks to the expertise, insistence and enthusiasm of Lluís Soler. He made a first approach to this text during the 2015 Shakespeare festival, and with the time and complicity of Victor Sunyol, Joan Roura and the entire team, he has led Birnam's return to the stage: a portrait of the actor before coming on stage and the worldview Shakespeare presents us through his plays.


In Birnam, an old actor is in the dressing room preparing him self to represent King Duncan in Macbeth, when doubts begin to arise. Questions about the value of the word and the nature of language, about theatre and its function, about his moment as an actor and his past, about oldness... His ghosts are reselling him, he doubts about everything, his world is in crisis. With these disquisitions he established a soliloquium weaving with quotations, references and comments to Shakespeare and his plays, as well as some of the dramatists and writers he loves (Beckett, Sarah Kane, Borchert, Tarkovski...). These reflections mean that the convenience of going out or not on stage is reconsidered while the hour is approaching and the voice of the councilor, as an implacable Cronos, announces the arrival of the moment of the decision.

Artistic card

Víctor Sunyol
Joan Roura
Text adaptation
Lluís Soler i Auladell

Lluís Soler i Auladell

Light design 
Pep Barcons

A production of La Perla 29

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Management notes

Esteemed viewers, beloved audience; simple, sincere, and direct words from the heart.

This business of being an actor, among us, there comes a time when it becomes tiresome. There are many years of stages, of traveling up and down, of interviews, of changing costumes, of painting oneself in every color trying to deceive you into thinking I am someone else...

I am tired. Tired of Shakespeare, of Molière, of Guimerà, of Beckett, of Aristophanes, of all of them combined. Words, words, words. I believe the time has come to go by the sea and listen to the sound of the waves. I think the time has come to say "enough". To stop once and for all.

Perhaps tomorrow I will regret it, I don't know. But today, I am certain that I cannot continue. Repeating and reiterating others' words on stage and pretending to be what I am not. All while always being myself.

I love you all. We have had great times together. Yes, we have had wonderful times at the theater. And that's fine. But one day or another, it had to end. Like everything in life.

Always with you, and may life bring us all new adventures to live with all our hearts.

With love and humor.

Lluís Soler i Auladell



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