Rostoll Cremat

From 11.14.2019 to 12.01.2019
1h 35min

Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi join forces to give life to Rostoll Cremat, an allegory of ambition and human greed reflected in contemporary Mallorca. Director and playwright present a proposal for reflection on our current society based on the background acquired from popular and universal literature: Joanet de sa gerra and George Sand as the guiding thread of the narration, with sketches of Shakespeare, Chekhov, Ibsen and the own voice of the author of Acorar. A show that projects a new look at our most recent past, offering a new mirror in which to explore the lights and shadows of touristic Mallorca with an eye on the present moment and towards the future. Denunciation, irony, humor, truth and doubt in a new original text by Gomila, with the poetic staging of Broggi.

Artistic card

Toni Gomila
Directed by
Oriol Broggi
Assistant director
Joan Miquel Artigues

Toni Gomila
Caterina Alorda
Catalina Florit
Joan Toni Sunyer
Queralt Albinyana

Guillem Gelabert
Scenic space
Oriol Broggi
Rafel Lladó

Changing room
Antònia Fuster
Audio visuals
Agustí Torres
Sound space
Oriol Broggi
Mateu Bennássar
Àngela Nicolau

Executive production
Fàtima Riera and Cristina Bugallo

A production of Teatre Principal de Palma, Greek Festival 2019 with the collaboration of Produccions de Ferro

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

The rondalla den Joanet de sa Gerra is the story of ambition and greed, capital sins inherent in the soul and the human condition, which push it, on the one hand, to continuous improvement, to liberating non-conformism, but at the same time to selfish obsession, to pernicious hedonism and self-destruction.

For this reason, this fable serves us as a starting point for the construction of a metaphor about Western society, the leisure industry and tourism. Mallorca as a desert, like a large sandbar, a hermás where nothing takes root, and which coexists with natural and human destruction, if not in perfect harmony, with perfect indifference.

From the hen that lays the golden eggs to the chickens on a farm as a metaphor for the sun and the beach that occupy everything in this depersonalized space, the epicenter of the seismograph of greed. Sell your houses and go to rent.

George Sand praised this wintry and wet land, praised the winter where everyone came to look for summer. Light on all day, endless sun for laying hens. When did we lose winter? will it rain tomorrow let it rain

Toni Gomila



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