El poema de Guilgamesh, rei d’Uruk

Teatre Grec
From 07.02.2018 to 07.04.2018
1h 55min

Between the Tigris and the Euphrates, at that point where Western civilization appeared and which is, at the same time, the gateway to the East, one of the oldest stories in the world was born, the Sumerian epic that recreates the experiences, around 2700 BC, of Gilgamesh, king of the city of Uruk. Among the clay tablets that appeared in the remains of ancient Nineveh and other areas of the Near East were fragments of 'a work, The poem of Gilgamesh, which contains some of the most popular stories in the Western world, including the famous episode of the universal flood. It is the story of a man who wanted to defy death and dreamed of immortality. But this story of friendship and descent into hell that has passed through so many hands, that has so many versions and that has been told by so many mouths and in so many different languages does not have a single true version, but many. Hence, today, history can be narrated with a certain freedom, as Oriol Broggi, artistic director of La Perla 29, does in a large-format production that promises to transport the stage of the Teatre Grec to the first moments of our civilization

A sandy floor, lateral lighting, dance and movement, guitars that remind us that we are, in fact, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea... These are elements that La Perla 29 has often used in the his montages and which, on this occasion, will also form part of the function, during which the telluric aspect that the Montjuïc stage already has will be enhanced. They will say the text, a sober and calm recitation ideal to be heard under a starry sky, an exceptional cast of actors and actresses ready to offer us another version of the story, as calm as it is full of mystery.

Let's tell stories... let's tell one of the oldest in the world.

Artistic card

Direction and space
Oriol Broggi

Jeroni Rubió Rodon

Marina Mascarell

Màrcia Cisteró, Toni Gomila, Sergi Torrecilla, David Vert, Ernest Villegas and also Marta Marco, Clara Segura, Lluís Soler, Ramon Vila.

And the special participation of a chorus of like-minded actors and actresses in La Perla29:
Carles Algué, Marc Artigau, Gina Barbeta, Anna Castells, Babou Cham, Clara de Ramon, Jordi Figueras, Lídia Figueras, Joan Garriga, Marissa Josa, Anna Juncadella, Dani Klamburg, Oscar Muñoz, Marc Rius, Pau Roca, Marià Roch, Xavi Ruano, Enric Serra, Marc Serra, Montse Vellvehí and a horse

Musical interpretation
Yannis Papaioannou
Daphna Munz
Quico Guitérrez (A.A.I.)
Francesc Isern
Damien Bazin
Choral singing essay
Pablo Puche
Scenography assistant
Josep Iglesias
Director's assistant
Carles Algué
Costume making
Epoca Barcelona
Scenography construction
Castles scenography workshop
Drawing of the poster
Clara de Ramon

Thanks Xavier Valls, Agnès García, Adelina Millet, Lluís Feliu
A coproduction by Grec’s Festival 2018 and La Perla 29

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