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La Perla 29, international project

La Perla 29 is currently entering a new stage of growth. With twenty years of experience and over eighty theatrical productions, we have established a management and production model closely tied to unique artistic research and creation.


This approach has made La Perla 29 a beloved cultural hub recognized by audiences, and a vibrant player in the professional sector of performing arts. After two decades, we are embarking on what we feel is a third major phase of growth and exploration. If Incendis in 2012 marked the project's consolidation within our region, our structure is now ready to expand the artistic model internationally, exporting our theater and fostering new productions in Catalonia through cross-border artistic processes.

Our goal is to take our theater abroad, as we have done with the residency at Théâtre National La Colline in Paris with 28 i mig, the premiere of El Petit Príncep in Lisbon, or the staging of Bodas de Sangre at the Printemps des Comédiens Festival in Montpellier. We also aim to transform Teatre La Biblioteca into a hub for international artistic creation. More than explaining the world, we aim to engage in dialogue with it. Our way of working, our management and theatrical creation model, is exportable and should facilitate encounters between creators from diverse cultural backgrounds. A country's artistic richness enlarges through such synergy exchanges, leading to more diverse projects and a theater scene more interconnected with the world.

In this sense, we have partnered with The Tiger Lillies to create a new rendition of William Shakespeare's Macbeth directed by Oriol Broggi. We will premiere it at Teatre La Biblioteca in February 2025, followed by an international tour currently in preparation. The Tiger Lillies, an English rock trio with influences from Berliner cabaret, known for their quirky and festive style, have composed 17 original songs that will be performed live each night, accompanied by three Catalan actors. Together, they will present this tragic tale of power, war, guilt, blood-stained hands, death, enchantments, and the indelible memory of crimes driven by unbridled ambition.

At the same time, we are working to revive the Shakespeare Festival. This festival had successfully held eleven editions in Catalonia, some of which took place at Teatre La Biblioteca, becoming a premier event in southwestern Europe. Its revival has been enthusiastically welcomed by the European Shakespeare Festivals Network (ESFN), which has already admitted the future festival as a member. It's noteworthy that this festival is unique on the Iberian Peninsula, serving as a solid platform for creating an international meeting point in our country, thereby representing a project of national significance.

Accompanying these initiatives and in order to develop international strategy of La Perla 29, we have expanded our structure with a team dedicated specifically to international management and prospecting. This is leading us to hold meetings and encounters with various agents across Europe and to have several international projects in the development phase. We firmly believe in the commitment to export La Perla 29’s theatre and simultaneously create an international meeting point at Teatre La Biblioteca. The responses we are receiving are very positive and encourage us to continue working to enrich these artistic and cultural dialogues rooted in the philosophy and theatrical practice of La Perla 29. Exciting new paths lie ahead, and we are prepared to embark on them with determination and enthusiasm.


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