Connect within the abyss of fiction

Back I sing and the mountain dances

There are works that travel and return because they transport us to the memory of the poetic word. They have that abysmal spirit that rescues us from the zeitgeist and connects us to the self we share beneath our differences. It is the same spirit of the ancestral tales where the roots of the customs that we have inherited from our grandparents and that they had also inherited from theirs rest. There are works that teach us the immensity of what we are capable of and at the same time show us our smallness within the universal order.

I sing and the mountain dances contains one of these abysmal spirits. Surely she is a kind of water woman who watches over how we tell her story, which is passed down from remote times. A spirit that passes from the novel to the theater, and from the theater to the heart of the viewer. In the words of Kae Tempest: A living connection.

When we premiered the show in February 2021 and it was so well received, we realized that we had succeeded in making the abysmal spirit of Irene Solà's novel vibrate. Joan, Guillem, Judit's music, the work of the entire artistic team, Clàudia's dramaturgical adaptation... Everything conspired in favor of the unique aspect of this story, the poetic memory it evokes.

At La Perla 29 we like the idea of placing ourselves in front of the abyss of fiction. The abyss of adapting the stories from one format to another, transmuting the characters as if the novel and the theater were communicating vessels, the abyss of approaching the premiere without fully knowing whether we will achieve, those seconds of silence and darkness before the show starts every evening... We also like to verify that the networks we have been weaving throughout these years of work well done, of coexistence, of great respect for work what we do, they serve precisely to cross these chasms. In the rehearsal room, in the Theater spaces, in the production meetings, etc... These networks are the life preservers that allow you to tame the abyss, direct it, concentrate it and project it with force to make the fiction come true .

That's why it's important that I sing and the mountain dances back. Because it connects novel and theatre, writing and directing, author and playwright, character and performer, reader and viewer. All connected by an abysmal spirit that we want to make us travel for a long time, to connect us in a cultural experience that multiplies with the presence of the other.

We will be like a memory of the echo of the mountains.
See you at the theater.

Albert Reverendo and the La Perla 29 team

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