Life meets life

The Library Theater has already been transformed into the space that will host Unbearably long hugs . The bare floor, a stage framed by a dark structure and an empty space that flows into a wall that projects a point. A blue dot. A light always present, as if it were the end of a tunnel.

Alba, Martí, Paula and Joan are in the space. Jordi sits on the chair, surrounded by pedals, and picks up the guitar. Ferran gives the instructions on what to rehearse today: a scene that they haven't done yet and that will have to be tried again and again until it comes out the way Ferran wants. Meanwhile, Ciscu Isern, a video designer, projects colorful images. Like the border that Amy sees.

The movements are subtle, the characters occupy a small stage, a stage that almost steps on the chairs where the audience will be. An oppressive scenario, which does not give respite, which captures the viewers just as the story captures the characters. Ester Guntín observes the movements, they must be smooth, so that you hardly notice that Martí, Alba, Paula and Joan are moving while they say the text.

In this scene, Charlie and Amy are in the hospital. Both characters will try to survive the situation, both will find each other through their cells. The dolphin and the voice explain to them how the universe is made. Meanwhile, Kryštof and Monica will understand what a hug is.

Kryštof : My God, this is almost unbearable!
Monica: Because it's a pleasure that never begins and never ends. It's real life, Kryštof, hug me.
Kryštof : And at that precise moment, Kryštof starts to cry. What the hell is going on now?
Monica: Now the most fundamental event in the universe is happening: life meets life.



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