The pending joy ahead of us

the joy The pending joy, the joy we owe, the possible joy ahead. Now that another Christmas has just passed, we feel again immersed in the wheel that grinds everything: Phew!! And another quarter..., another year..., another Christmas Eve has passed. And while we pour ourselves into continuing our day-to-day life we want this joy we owe ourselves, we pursue it.

In our little theater we have heard the hum of the office again and we have resumed the montages of the spaces, the walls, the hum of the technique, the focus carts, the papers, and also the new ideas and illusions . The actors continue to prepare the function, and let themselves go in that wonderful living space every night... (All this when we are not forced to stop for a few days...)

Christmas has passed, and everything continues and everything starts again. We would like it to never end, and that the whole year was now and always... " and everything was spring, and every leaf was green forever... "

That's why we start the year with a drawing that Llibert Pastor sent us these days. We don't want to leave it for next year as would be the most logical thing, - and as Anna and Albert proposed - No, no...! For today! Because we have the urgency that it is always Christmas and always every day at the same time. This Christmas that we have passed and that we have suffered more than we can count on. To live in it eternally, in spite of everything, against everything: for the possible joy that lies ahead. And also for the melancholy... well together and friends, like the Christmas card. So that they are indivisible and that this is not a sin. For good words, for knowledge! For good, honest criticism, for good advice.
So that this year is full of unsimplified ideas,
of happy reasoning, of intelligence, of clarity, of good intentions and good deeds.
So that we can fall in love every day, and we can talk about it.
For everything to be wonderfully complex!
For everything to be better. And we can go see good theater.
And we don't frown so much,
And we want to talk, hug and love.
For the pending joy, which we owe to each other, happy new year to everyone!

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