Hamlet Aribau, a theater within a cinema

On December 1st we premiere Hamlet Aribau , and we gave it that name because the production takes place at Cinema Aribau. A cinema built in 1962, which preserves all the spirit of the golden age of the seventh art, and which is also part of the show itself. It will therefore be a play within a cinema. A fusion between the two arts. A dare that we were able to do thanks to the complicity of the Balañá Group, especially Maria José Balañá, who from the beginning was as enthusiastic about the idea as we were.

To turn the cinema audience into the stage of Shakespeare's tragedy we had to do many things. We had to remove armchairs. We had to set up a stage on the stage. We had to create, from scratch, three bleachers to fit around 350 chairs. And we had to adapt to the biggest cinema screen that currently exists in Catalonia, which offers us spectacular audiovisual possibilities.

We have made a modern Hamlet created in a cinematic environment, but more theatrical than ever. It was like opening a window. We have sat in front of a range of possibilities that only increase interest in a tragedy that needs to be told over and over again.

These images are just a small sample of what is happening at Cinema Aribau. Of what Hamlet Aribau is being. Of what this great adventure will be. Are you joining us?



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