We won 9 Armchair Awards!

In a year still full of uncertainties, with a season that has been altered by restrictions and stoppages, we can say that we have done well enough: we have won 9 Butaca Awards of its XXVII edition, all of which I aspired to Canto jo and the mountain dances and one by Clara Segura's Filumena Marturano . We couldn't be happier!

The production directed by Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué took home the awards for Best Direction; the Best assembly; Best Supporting Actress for Anna Sahun; Best sound space for Joan Gorro; Best Lighting Design for Sylvia Kuchinow; the Best scenography for the wonderful puppets of Alfred Casas and Laura Clos “Closca”; Best musical composition by Judit Neddermann; and Best costume for Nídia Tusal.

"At La Perla 29 we like the idea of placing ourselves in the abyss in front of fiction", we said in the text of the hand program. And, really, it was quite an adventure to give life to Irene Solà's beautiful novel, an idea that Guillem and Joan had presented to us with great enthusiasm. And we were also excited, because the story resonates within the geographies of our memories and our experiences, whether they are the most present or the most unconscious and hidden. They are memories that come from far away, from beyond our reason. That's why I sing and the mountain dances has moved me so much.

With a team as magnificent as Sylvia, Joan, Alfred, Laura and Nídia we were convinced that the result would be excellent. Judit's music was the perfect soundtrack for the adventures of the peasant poet, and the rest of the La Perla 29 team also put, as always, all our heart and all our enthusiasm into making this project was reality That's why the Best Editing award gives us so much joy.

And what to say about Clara, the immense Clara, who with this award has already accumulated a few seats. Her Filumena will forever remain in our memory for her strength, her courage, her character and also her generosity. It has been a privilege to have Clara in this role and a great pride that she has won the Chair for Best Actress. Too bad Enrico couldn't celebrate his birthday with the Best Actor Award!

Finally, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to thank the audience. It is the public that votes and it is the public that fills the halls. To everyone, thank you very much for coming to the theater, for continuing to enjoy culture, for continuing to bet on the performing arts. Without you, this would not have been possible!

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