28 i mig

A creation show by Oriol Broggi

La Colline - national theatre
From 03.16.2022 to 04.10.2022

The Théâtre National La Colline in Paris, directed by Wajdi Mouawad, invites us to make a season with a show we love. And we decide to do 28 i mig again. A challenge that inspires and excites us. An encounter with ourselves and with the imagination of La Perla. 28 i mig is a show, and it is also a way of making and understanding artistic creation that always takes us further.


28 i mig is a recreation.

A recreation of the world of theater, literature, cinema, the circus... love, life, death. The existential doubt that we try to explain through art, and theater. This is what happens to Federico, who approaching his fifties finds himself in the midst of a personal and creative crisis. He is disoriented and unable to understand what he has, until he meets Antonietta, a pure soul who lives her difficult life with simplicity. Together they embark on a journey to lost paradises, to multiple fictitious worlds that gather passionately around a big question: How does one become happy?

28 i mig is a celebration of passages, musicians and comedians that move us, of melancholy and hopes for our fragile existence. It is an investigation into the meaning of art and life based on Federico Fellini's world and his 8 1/2. "Non c'è fine. Non c'è inizio. C'è solo l'infinita passione per la vita," Fellini said. And we feel it that way, and we bring back one of the successes of the 13/14 season to premiere it at the Théâtre National La Colline in Paris. Faced with the harsh reality, we felt the need to return to that capricious and uncertain turn of art, which returns us to life like a breath.

To feel, to ask, and to die.
To grasp, to laugh, and to continue.
Always a step and a half.
Let's celebrate 28 i mig!

Artistic card

Idea, direction, and space
Oriol Broggi
Text work and adaptation
Jeroni Rubió and Oriol Broggi

Laura Aubert Blanch
Guillem Balart
Xavier Boada
Màrcia Cisteró
Enrico Ianniello
Blai Juanet Sanagustin
Clara Segura Crespo
Montse Vellvehí
Joan Garriga
Marià Roch
Marc Serra 

Pep Barcons
Costume Design
Berta Riera
Damien Bazin
Francesc Isern
Joan Garriga
Àngels Salinas
Assistant Director
Rita Molina and Vallicrosa
Assistant Costume Designer and Tailor
Elisabet Meoz
Microphone during rehearsals
Roger Blasco
Vocal Training
Pablo Puche
Horse Training
Josep Maria Segú
French Translation and Subtitling Technical
Alba Pagán
Subtitling Work and Rehearsal
Ester Nadal


Thanks to Focus, Carles Segura, Marco Ruggero, Dagoll Dagom, Teatre Lliure, Sala Beckett, Anna Castells and Ariadna Carreras
A production of La Perla 29

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

There is a sensation of needing air that leads you to think about a new spectacle, a feeling of opening windows to gaze at the horizon that is drawn in the background. And then you taste the doubt that comes to you as you think: is this what I see real? Is it imagined? Perhaps it's painted? This is the question. This is the great magic...

Often, when we open the windows of our small theater, we find the painted skies of Fellini, the clouds of Orson Welles or John Ford, the unanswered questions of Pasolini, the play of Marcello Mastroniani's eyes, or the extravagant bodies of so many actors and characters... When we talk about the magic of cinema or the magic of theater, we talk about the magic of life. In reality, when we open the windows, what we most like to see is something that brings to mind the verses of Verlaine "La vie est là simple et tranquille": a clear summer morning or a pleasant sky at sunset over the calm sea. And from here, we will do our best to convey it to the audience, through our language of theater.

This is our work and our craft. To look at the stars, to fall in love with them, and then to try to evoke them within our particular space of magic. It's not easy nowadays, but the stars are still where they've always been, and perhaps they watch us and laugh at our attempt to reconcile ideas and people, bringing them together again. 28 i mig is a sack full of poems and images, a different game, an invented gaze, a new fire, which we found necessary.

We wanted to create a spectacle that in some way signifies a turning point in our trajectory and that at the same time allows us to revisit all our references. In this kind of collective psychoanalysis between ourselves and our audience, we pay homage to the world of fiction, of theater, of cinema, and of art in general, and we do it through the fascination for Italy and the always clear gaze of Federico Fellini.

Starting from this, we have articulated a spectacle weaving together images, words, diverse situations, and authors. Seeking their connections and erasing their borders. Tying them and retying them in a whirlwind of fantasies that accelerate in an exciting spiral, like Fellini's films, where the inherent doubts of artistic creation, personal and vital crisis, the search for happiness through art, childhood as the engine of the past, or the necessary acceptance of death are projected.

28 i mig aims to be a look at life, at art looking at life, and at the doubts of both, mixing forms and contents persistently. A spectacle that wants to be a celebration for the comedians and, we hope, for the audience.

Oriol Broggi



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