El zoo de vidre

El zoo de vidre

By Tennessee Williams, directed by Martina Cabanas

From 04.17.2024 to 05.19.2024
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El zoo de vidre (The Glass Menagerie) is a perfect play to initiate scenic investigations, works that reveal the seams of their creation. This is what we are looking for with director Martina Cabanas: the aim is to explain the story with rehearsal aesthetics and allow the interpretive power of four young actors and actresses to strike us with the harshness and humanity of the drama we will be experiencing together.



The glass zoo is a portrait of a family from the southern United States in 1930, which crosses the gap between imagined expectations and the raw real possibilities. She places us in the little Wingfield flat captained by Amanda, who is struggling to secure what for her would be a better future for her two adult children, Tom and Laura, as she drags the frustration of being abandoned by her husband. Tom, who also acts as a storyteller, is a young poet who works in a warehouse to support the family, but wishes to live adventures and escape the overprotection of his suffocating mother. Laura is the younger sister, a shy, self-closed girl and her glass figurines, whose lameness is a great scourge to come out, relate to the outside world and give way to her romantic illusions. Amanda decides to push herself to seek a suitor for Laura and thus prevent her two children from suffering what she has had to live.

Artistic card

Tennessee Williams
Direction and Drama 
Martina Cabanas

David Anguera
Laura Conejero
Clara Moraleda
Roger Torns



Management notes

When Oriol Broggi asked me what I thought of the glass zoo, I had to be honest with him: I had read it for more than twenty years and more than ten years that I had seen a wonderfully free version at a theater in Buenos Aires... So I remembered very little of it, the image of a lame girl living in a glassy window. When I came home, I looked for her in my library, and in the years, I read another work. The work of a mother, Amanda, who drowns her children so much that she loves them, and a boy who can't do so, that thirst for freedom pushes her forward. The work of four good people who get hurt... I went to see Oriol and told her that I was excited, that I didn't think it would have cost the work the time, on the contrary, how many families, how many people live alone and surrounded, they in the middle of that greyness, without understanding, without the possibility of redemption, hopelessness, but also tenderness... So, Oriol, seeing my illusion and, not to say, my mental cocoa, gave me the best gift in the world. He proposed directing it, but not only that, he proposed directing it in the freest way, almost as if it were a rehearsal, a workshop, not an end, fail, play and experience, you will have time for success! I imagine in the days that we are running to find an artist with a company that encourages the hiring of another, almost unknown, and proposes that he play and make mistakes is not the most common. But this isn't a common place, The Library is a very unique space, and I hope our Zoo, it's a spectacular failure or a success, too.

Martina Cabanas Collell



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