From 10.13.2016 to 10.16.2016

"Welcome. Come in, sit down, and let me take you. You've probably never seen a world like this before. And surely, even though it might remind you of someone, you've never seen a character like the one you're about to meet either. He keeps everything that lives. He packages and stores all the moments before they reach their end. Unfinished moments. Relax and leave behind everything you've experienced today. Another story is about to begin."


A fascinating show, unclassifiable, premiered years ago with impressive success. Guillem and I often talked about doing a show, something that could mix our worlds. Shall we do a circus and theater show, in the wake of 28 and a half? For now, you can discover his universe with Trau.

Artistic card

Idea and direction
Guillem Albà
Company Guillem Albà

Guillem Alba
Blay Rodríguez

Director's assistant
Marc Angelet
Scenic space
Alfred Casas
Music composition
Anna Roig
Musical arrangements
Pau Alba
Lighting design, sound and councilor technicians
Ignasi Solé and Oriol Ibañez
Construction and costumes
L’Estaquirot Teatre, Alfred Casas and Rosa M. Coca
Production assistant
Aina Pociello
Direction of production and management
Blai Rodríguez

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Management notes

Four years ago, we premiered TRAU. After 9 months of creation. I had already done clown shows, with energy and madness, and curiosity led me to want to create a poetic, visual spectacle. Eager to try new things, and to be able to make mistakes. We created it with the company and with the complicity of the family (dedicated to the world of puppets). A slow-cooked creation. I wanted to investigate and carry out a work that, besides making people laugh a little, would move them emotionally. We have toured the country, and also China. And we hope to continue touring many more places. Just after the premiere, there were people here who found it strange that I had made this show. "Why did you do it? If you already had the formula." I suppose they expected that at 27 years old and with two shows under my belt, I would have just kept doing the same thing. But we dedicate ourselves to this profession to feel alive, to experiment, to be curious.

I remember my mother coming to the dressing room just after the premiere and saying: there's a Chinese woman who is crying and waiting. And off we went. In Barcelona, it will be the third time we perform there. Just after the premiere, we settled in at the Almería Theater. Later at the Lliure de Gràcia. Now at the Library. A space where we've wanted to perform for a long time. We have been discovering that if you never stop chipping away at it, things end up coming. TRAU has introduced us to a new world, and a lot of new people. For example, Love of Lesbian, who after seeing the show, proposed that I create and direct a tour for them. And we did: "Mirrors & Mirages". Again with the company, with the family. And we went on tour together. And later Txarango, with whom something similar also happened. That is, things we couldn't even imagine, and that ended up happening to us. And now, if you want, we disconnect from day to day, and share a moment.

Guillem Albà



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