28 i mig

From 06.18.2013 to 07.28.2013

28 i mig is a recreation.

A recreation of lost paradises and a journey towards those moments and those themes that accompany you throughout life. A tour of universal culture, literature, cinema... love, life, death. All this existential doubt that we try to explain through art and theatre. This time we have found refuge in the world of Fellini, in his images and aesthetics, and above all in the world of fantasy and fiction. That's why the jump between real life and fantasy is constant and so necessary.

Artistic card

Adaptations and text work
Jeroni Rubió
Direction and space
Oriol Broggi

Clara Segura
Pablo Derqui
Tomeu Amer
Xavier Boada
Màrcia Cisteró
Pol López
Anna Madueño
Ernest Villegas
Montse Vellvehí

Pep Barcons
Berta Riera
Sound Design
Damien Bazin
Francesc Isern
Singing work
Pablo Puche
Assistant director
Montse Tixé
Head coach
Guillem Gelabert
Marc Serra
Costume making and tailoring
Irene Fernández
Bito Cels / Marina Raurell
Attention to the public
Lídia Figueras and Magda Huertas

A production by La Perla 29

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

These invisible borders that Jeroni is talking about, are the open windows that from La Perla we have evoked so many times. The feeling of opening windows to look at the horizon that unfolds in the distance. A doubt that comes to you and makes you wonder: is this real, what I see? Is it imagined? Maybe it's painted? This is the question. Questa è la grande maggia...

Often when we open the windows, we find Sisa's Seventh Heaven, the skies painted by Fellini, the clouds of Orson Wells, also those of John Ford, the unanswered questions of Pasolini, the cell games of Cary Grant, or the legs of Grace Kelly... When we talk about the magic of cinema, or the magic of theatre, we talk about the magic of life. In reality, what we most enjoy seeing when we open the windows is a clear summer morning, and from there, we will do whatever it takes, even if it requires juggling, to bring it to you, through our language and with all our artifice.

This is our job and our profession. To gaze at the stars, fall in love with them, and then try to evoke them in our small magical space. It's not easy these days, but the stars remain where they have always been, and maybe when they see what we do, they laugh...

28 i mig is something we hadn't done until now, a holey bag of poems and images, a different game, an invented gaze, a new flame, which we have found necessary.

Oriol Broggi



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