La mort d’Ivan Ilitx

from Llev Tolstoi, Direction by Oriol Broggi

From 01.31.2011 to 03.06.2011
1h 45min

This production premiered in 2005 at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona. The show was well-received and received positive reviews. Today, six years later, we return because we believe that Ivan Ilitx still has many things to say, and because we feel that the voice of this poor clerk should reach more spectators.


Ivan Ilyich is a judge who leads a bourgeois and quiet life until one day the disease begins to gnaw away at his body and soul. La mort d’Ivan Ilitx masterfully shows us how a man like any other must face from his bed with what is common to all people but unique in each case: death itself.

Artistic card

Lev Tolstoi
Jeroni Rubió
Oriol Broggi

Òscar Muñoz
Pilar Pla
Elvira Prado
Jacob Torres

Oriol Broggi
Oriol Broggi and Jeroni Rubió
Pep Barcons
Costume design
Gemma Malé
Assistant director
Màrcia Cisteró
Voice over
Moisès Broggi and Bruno Oro Pichot

A production of La Perla 29

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Management notes

La mort d’Ivan Ilitx is the chronicle of the end of the life of a mediocre and ambitious judge, who lives trapped in the petty and dehumanized environment that he himself has built around him. In reality, Tolstoy's text is also many other things: it is an inner journey through the experiences of a man - like any of us - who realizes, perplexed, that he is not prepared to face the death that approaches unexpectedly and inexorably.

The text is so beautiful, so precious, that we cannot help but explain it and proclaim it to the world. I believe it is fair to try to bring it to the stage and resume it now, after a few years. Let me cheat a bit and borrow from Thomas Mann the text of the prologue of his Magic Mountain, it is exactly what I would like to express before showing you our work:

"We want to tell the story of Hans Castorp (in this case that of Ivan Ilyich), and not for him, but for the story itself, which we believe is very worthy of being told. This story, a long time ago, is already, so to speak, completely covered with noble historical greenery and must be narrated necessarily in the form of the most anterior past. This would be no inconvenience, but rather an advantage; because stories must be passed, and one could say that the more they are, the better for their essence and for the narrator who evokes, murmuring, the imperfect. (...) We will tell it in detail, with care and precision, because, the enjoyment or boredom of a story, perhaps have ever depended on the space and time it occupied? Without fearing the bad taste of meticulousness, rather we are of the opinion that only the meticulous is truly engaging. Therefore, the narrator will not finish Hans's (Ivan Ilyich's) story in the blink of an eye. It is better that he does not count in advance how much earthly time will slip away while he has it threaded. So, let's begin."

Thomas Mann

Oriol Broggi



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