La Trena

A show by Clara Segura, Marta Marco, Cristina Genebat and La Perla 29

Teatre Goya
From 09.13.2022 to 12.18.2022
1h 20min

The theatrical adaptation of the successful novel La Trena, by Laetitia Colombani. A proposal by Cristina Genebat, Marta Marco, Clara Segura and La Perla 29, which has toured the whole territory with a great reception from the public and critics.


 This is the story of three women who, despite being born on very different continents, share ideas and feelings that unite them in a powerful longing for freedom. They are the lives of Smita, who fights for her daughter's future in an India separated by castes; Giulia, who faces the bankruptcy of her family workshop in Italy; and Sarah, who sees her successful career as a lawyer in Quebec threatened by breast cancer. They fight against what is expected of them, face adversity with tenacity and are determined to achieve what is essential to them. They don't know each other, but they will be united by the fight against the fate that had been reserved for them and the indestructible will to live with hope and excitement. Particular lives and resistant like women's hair.

Artistic card

Laetitia Colombani
Translation and dramaturgy
Cristina Genebat and Marta Marco
Clara Segura

Cristina Genebat
Marta Marco
Carlota Olcina
Clara Segura

Management assistant
Montse Vellvehí
Movement and Choreographies
Vero Cendoya
Space and Lighting
Sound Design by
Damien Bazin
FRAUD. Recerques visuals
Marian Coromina
Clàudia Abbad
Voice Pietro Lanfredi
Lluís Marco
Technical functions
Arnau Planchart
Assistant director
Irene Ferré

Construction of scenography
Jorba-Miró Studio-workshop of scenography
Graphic design poster
Pau Masaló
Photography poster
Noemí Elias Bascuñana
Photo show
David Ruano
Show clip
David Andreu

Assembly technicians
Fer Acosta, Marco Ruggero, Roger Blasco

An idea from Cristina Genebat, Marta Marco, Clara Segura and Bet Orfila

AcknowledgmentsAlfred Casas, Tiziana d'Angelo, Deepti Golani, Lluc and Martí Ferrer Segura, Anna Sallent, Eva Fernandez, Martí Vellvehí, Pedro Fernández, Pilar Bosch, Yazmin Córdoba, Rut Fernández, Florenci Ferrer, Mariona López, Giacomo Passalacqua, Txell Feixas, Sugandha Vats, Oriol Broggi, Caldes de Montbui City Council, Thermalia. Caldes de Montbui Museum and a kiss to the sister!

Management notes

A proposal by Cristina Genebat, Marta Marco, Clara Segura and La Perla 29
The novel La tresse, (in Catalan , La trena ) by Laetitia Colombani, reached us at just the right time. After those extraordinary days when the world seemed to have stopped, we met again to recommend a story that had moved us. Then we discovered that we had all read La Trena at the same time.
The four of us, who have so little to do with Smita, Giulia and Sarah, had been deeply moved by the story of our protagonists. His search for freedom, for his own voice, his obstinacy, his perseverance and his courage shook us until we felt that it was a story that had to be told out loud. A story that we wanted to represent in a theater.
Over the years, we have collaborated on several theater projects. We rehearsed together, spent long seasons in Barcelona and toured for a long time with pieces like Bodas de sangre or Les noies de Mossbank road . For a long time we wanted to meet again to work together again, to tell a story of women that we really liked, that reached our souls. A story, as Colombani says, that is already ours even though it does not belong to us.
We think we've found it.

Marta, Cristina, Bet and Clara



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