Canto jo i la muntanya balla

Based on the novel by Irene Solà

From 02.16.2021 to 05.02.2021

Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué present the theatrical version of Irene Solà's successful book. A play by Clàudia Cedó with music by Judit Neddermann, which accompanies this magical text in a show where we can see a hybrid of gesture theater, text and live music at the Teatre La Biblioteca.


In Canto jo i la muntanya dance women and men, ghosts and water women, clouds and mushrooms, dogs and roe deer that live between Camprodon and Prats de Molló take the floor. A high mountain border area that, beyond legend, keeps the memory of centuries of struggle for survival, of persecutions guided by ignorance and fanaticism, of fratricidal wars, but that also embodies a beauty that cannot be he needs a lot of adjectives. A fertile land to let imagination and thought go, the desire to talk and tell stories. A place, perhaps, to start anew; a place for some redemption.

First there is the storm and the lightning and the death of Domènec, the peasant poet. Then, Dolceta, who can't stop laughing as she tells the stories of the four women hanged by witches. La Sió, which Mia and Hilari have to climb all alone up there in Matavaques. And the trumpets of death that, with their black and appetizing hats, announce the immutability of the cycle of life.

Artistic card

Based on the novel by
Irene Solà
Clàudia Cedó
Directed by
Guillem Alba and Joan Arqué
Musical composition
Judit Neddermann

Laura Aubert
Mia Esteve
Diego Lorca

Ireneu Tranis
Caterina Tugores
and Marina Tomàs on the guitar

Sylvia Kuchinow
Joan Gorro
Alfred Casas and Laura Clos 'Closca'
Costume design
Nídia Tusal
Assistant director
Maria Salarich
Set construction
Brava Performing Arts, L'estaquirot theater and Alfred Casas
Linguistic advice
Carla Ferrerós
Àngels Salinas
Sílvia Poch
Design poster
Pau Masaló
Marta Garolera and Marc Serra
Roger Blasco, Sílvia Valls and Arnau Planchart
Public service
Marta Cros and Núria Ubiergo

Thanks Sey Sisters, Editorial Anagrama, La Plana Foundation, Anna Sahun and Amaia Miranda
A production of La Perla 29

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

Moving a novel to the theatre is always a capital challenge, as it is somehow to make a translation, another, perhaps as broad as possible. In this re-interpretation all the senses play, or perhaps it was better to say: all the feelings, all possible translations. Languages, signs, conventions and all the media that pass through our heads become test benches that are willing to capture what we consider most important: Soul. To transport that soul to the theater space, the imperceptible corpus of the novel, its essence. The soul that inhabits all possible forms of art.
This soul asks us to be able to feel, to know, to search for all the resonances, harmonies and atmospheres that make it up. All the natural, visual and sound spaces, with a long and so on that inhabit.
Canto Jo and the mountain dances, echoes within the geographs of our memories and our experiences, whether the most present as the most unconscious and hidden. These are memories that come from afar, beyond our reason. These are atheistic memories that bind us (yet) to the natural order that commands all things.
An ancestral link where our existence is not much more important than that of a grain of sand, that of a drop of water, that of a bit of air, a leaf of oak or any other animal that inhabits within the cruel, wise and natural constellation of the Mountain.This natural, but also social and cultural fact, filled with as many truths as elements and superstitions coexist, causes the laws that govern our characters to go beyond any human measure. Laws where everything and everyone is equal. This creates the strange balance that allows all life and all death.
This is our challenge, our singing, our Mountain.

Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué



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