From Wajdi Mouawad and Benoît Vermeulen

From 07.06.2020 to 07.16.2020 | 08:00 pm
1h 50min

A performance born from confinement, from the need to shout and search for beauty in an incomprehensible world. With a hybrid format that mixes text theatre and live filmmaking, it is an energetic and impactful play, just like the overwhelming emotions of a teenager.


Who hasn't woken up with the void inside? With an irrepressible desire to be free and to live convinced that love and beauty can absolutely overcome all horrors. With the conviction that it is necessary to leave behind the suffocating routines and the absurd rules, the insignificant prosperity and the sad distance. Who does not hope to one day be reunited with the abandoned childhood? Where the will and the surprise and the love and the rejection and the sleep and the euphoria were so intense that the world and life were one and the same, and they were worth it.

Wajdi Mouawad takes us this time to the core of adolescence, in the transit between childhood that must be left behind and adulthood that does not want to be assumed. Thirsty for life, wanting to touch infinity with the palm of their hand and fit it inside, Murdoch, Norvège and Boon cross their paths where beauty and absurdity play out in a pulse of their survival. Murdoch wakes up one morning determined to verbally vomit all the anger he accumulates in front of a world in which he finds no meaning or hope. Norvège has locked herself in her room for days and does not want to come out or is unable to do so. Boon dreams of being a writer and growing the beauty of this world.

Fifteen years later, Boon, turned forensic anthropologist, recognizes Murdoch's body, which had mysteriously disappeared, in some remains found at the bottom of the Saint Laurent River. This leads him to recall his adolescence and his abandoned dreams. And discover that Murdoch and Norvège's insatiable thirst for meaning and beauty ends up uniting them forever, in a surprising way, crossing the boundaries between reality and fiction. This discovery re-opens the vital cry of adolescence, too often buried despite the time we have to live. Who hasn't woken up with the void inside? And what has he done?

Artistic card

Wajdi Mouawad and Benoît Vermeulen
Translation by
amon Vila
Directed by
Oriol Broggi
Assistant Director
Albert Reverendo

Guillem Balart
Sergi Torrecilla
Carla Vilaró

Audiovisual distribution collaborations
Clara Segura
Ivan Benet
Xavier Ruano
Video design
Francesc Isern
Sound design by
Damien Bazin
Realization of live video
Francesc Isern, Cesc Pastor and technical teams of La Perla 29
Area councilor
Marc Serra
Graphic design
Carla Vilaró
Public service
Ailin Migliora, Juan Boné and Marc Serra

A La Perla 29 production with the collaboration of the Barcelona Greek Festival 2020

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

Why do we consider Assedegats a suitable proposal for this moment?

We are facing a formal theater text by Wajdi Mouawad and Benoït Vermeulen where comedy, tragedy, and drama are mixed. It's a complete turmoil where emotions are raw. Mouawad narrates the intensity of the moment like no one else and makes us experience Greek tragedy in a different way, rediscovering it with utterly contemporary eyes.

The central theme of Assedegats revolves around a project that two adolescents must undertake to talk about the concept of beauty. To carry it out, they will have to interview people in their neighborhood. They struggle to find answers to seemingly simple questions such as: what is beauty to you? They discover that people live far from these questions. The interviews will have to be recorded on video. And to finish the project, they will have to create a theater piece with these audiovisual elements. What happens when young people wonder about the beauty of the world around them? What happens when young people cannot find beauty anywhere and cannot explain it?

The structure of the play is designed separately for each character. They are monologues, with occasional brief dialogues. Time moves forward and backward. Images of the present, past, and future can be seen through projections and screens. A text that speaks about young people and that we will bring to the stage with a very young company. A project that we did not plan to start in the 2019-20 season and that when the text came our way, we could only bring it to the stage. No one had imagined in February when we decided to produce this play that it would make so much sense and be such a different path.

Oriol Broggi



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