Hamlet Aribau

From William Shakespeare

Aribau Cinema
From 12.01.2021 to 01.30.2022
3h 20min

A great theatrical feat. Hamlet is again made essential 12 years after the Library was assembled in 2009. This time we want to go further and transform a space that is not a theater. With the complicity of the Balaàà Group, we propose to live in Hamlet at the Aribau Cinema. With the Hamlet Aribau we rediscovered the human dimension of this character within an immense room with a large screen where we project scenes from films that accompany us from childhood and great images that follow the history of the Prince of Denmark.


This is a story of vengeance and pain. Hamlet, son of the recently deceased king of Denmark, discovers, through the appearance of his father's ghost, that he was brutally murdered. It was his own brother, Claudius, who treacherously poisoned him and then married his wife, Queen Gertrude, Hamlet's mother, to seize the throne. The prince begins to question everything. Who is telling the truth? Is the apparition real? Whom should he believe?

To uncover the unspeakable crime, Hamlet devises a plan and, pretending to be mad, orchestrates a theatrical performance that is meant to expose his uncle's crime. But the tragedy that shakes the court of Denmark is so profound that, to finally see the light, it will have to claim many lives. A path of unnecessary or unavoidable deaths, such as the unfortunate Ophelia; an existential path through which Hamlet has become one of the great eternal figures of literature.


Artistic card

William Shakespeare
Translation by
Joan Sellent
Direction and space
Oriol Broggi


Queen Gertrude
Míriam Alamany
Guillem Balart
Toni Gomila
King Claudius
Carles Martínez / Ramon Vila
Marc Rius
Elena Tarrats
Sergi Torrecilla

Pep Barcons
Damien Bazin
Francesc Isern
Costume Design 
Oriol Broggi and Elisabet Meoz
Assistant Directors 
Albert Reverendo and Carla Vilaró
Fencing Choreography
Isaac Morera
Àngels Salinas
Video Support 
Sabrina Montoya
Specter Projection 
Xavier Boada
Bito Cels
Graphic Design 
Pau Masaló
Stage Manager 
Marc Serra
Elisabet Meoz
Show Technicians J
uan Boné
and Roger Blasco
Assembly Technicians 
Fer Acosta, Marco Ruggero, Emili Vallejo, Sara Vidaurreta, Òscar Cereijo

Acknowledgments Anna Pitarch, Sala Beckett, and all supporting technicians for the assembly
A production of La Perla 29 with the collaboration of Grup Balañá

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

We thought we could inhabit Hamlet once again. To live anew in this space of fiction while we unexpectedly discover a real space - Cinema Aribau, with the complicity of Grup Balañá - as we immerse ourselves time and again in the overwhelming freedom of Shakespeare's verses. To inhabit Hamlet again within the theater and within the cinema, and feel how the characters hurl daggers, and the words are arrows. And to reinvent ourselves, living with the gaze of Hamlet. A piece of wood in the middle of the sea.

We have pursued capturing reality and fixing it in an image, in a scene, for a while, and being able to keep it, treasure it, cradle it, and offer it to you. Now we want to inhabit Hamlet again, while we discover in an unprecedented way a real space: Cinema Aribau. Surely there is nothing new in our Hamlet, only inheritances and copies. Attempts at understanding. Fragments of ideas. Notes. Because we think that what we can say will never be as important as what Hamlet says. We can tell his story, get lost in it. And enjoy it.

Embracing all those who want to accompany us.

Oriol Broggi and Albert Reverendo




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