From 03.29.2017 to 05.14.2017

"I'm shaking, yes. Because I have the feeling that the stars have come a few millimeters closer to us with the idea of evoking that night where everything finally came together.”


The missing work in Barcelona to complete Mouawad's tetralogy. After Incendis i Cels we will now produce Boscos, also translated by Cristina Genebat. With a great cast with a shocking, dreamy, strong, bestial and brutal text. Again, a poetic reflection on evil, wars and the history of Europe. And these blood ties are inevitable and destructive. This time focusing on Europe today, from its history and the wars of the 20th century, the first and second world wars. Boscos will coincide with the premiere of the presentation of a Periscope publication of the entire and complete tetralogy of Wajdi Mouawad.

Father? What is it that dismembers me, then? What destroys me? I'm not asking you, huh? I'm just showing it. Sometimes it's good to pretend that someone will answer us and that eventually everything will be in order even if there is nothing that is true, that there is nothing that is true. I send you a hug, dad. I send you a hug.

Artistic card

Wajdi Mouawad
Cristina Genebat
Oriol Broggi

Màrcia Cisteró
Cristina Genebat
Marissa Josa
Clara de Ramon
Xavier Ricart
Xavier Ripoll
Marc Rius
Carol Rovira
Xavier Ruano
Sergi Torrecilla
Ramon Vila

Pep Barcons
Annita Ribera
Francesc Isern
Damien Bazin
Helena Fenoy and Marta Ferrer

Assistant Director 
Anna Castells
Costume design 
Tània Carvajal, Irene Fernández, Giulia Grumi i Goretti Puente
Technical support assembly 
Fer Acosta, Ixent Genevat, Jordi Larrea, Dani Pino, Guillem Rodríguez i Òscar Villar
Costume intern of IT
Macarena Palacios
Technical interns of ESTAE
Uriel Ireland i Esther Porcel
Anna Cuscó, Paula Rodríguez i Marc Serra
Juan Boné i Irene Ferrer
Attention to the public 
Mireia Colomer i Núria Ubiergo
Photographs of the rehearsal process 
Roser Blanch
Photographs of the show 
Bito Cels
Graphic design 
Andrea Gusi

A production by La Perla 29

Galeria imatges secundària (slide)
Management notes

Sometimes the trees don't let us see the forest. Since the beginning of Mouawad's work, I sense that the words speak but that the important thing is hidden... something is expressed beneath. The characters speak, and beneath them a river of deep sadness feeds them. Something is buried there. The story is not the story we see in the foreground, but what is important is what awakens the undergrowth. The hidden. A secret sorrow. A deep sadness. Immense and desolate.

And each sentence is a punch. How to say it with enough energy? How to find the strength to keep living in it, after having said it, after having listened to it? Or perhaps having said it out loud and listened to it frees us, because it is as if in making it present we had crossed, through it, that intense pain. Here is the immense luck we have in doing and going to the theater. Here is redemption if it is possible. Life saved, life stolen, life given.

The strength of what is written on these pages is so deep that the words, the sentences, and the images are engraved with an unheard-of brutality in the heart. I would like to have written this great poem about our time, and that of our parents and grandparents. I would like to have written it, and to be able to dedicate it to my parents. We haven't written it ourselves, but we are lucky to represent it today, before you, to say it, to make it present. And in saying it and feeling it we feel like children, parents, siblings, friends. Free for a moment.

Oriol Broggi, director



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