Els Cors Purs

Teatre Romea
From 05.03.2016 to 06.12.2016
1h 25min

"A sadness more bitter and stronger than the potent drink from his glass made Beckett bow his head. How many comrades turned into relentless enemies! And, of these fratricides, who had it now?"


In Els cors purs two stories are linked through the snow falling across Ireland: a meeting around a table, and the scenes of the past that will stir. A family gathering with friends and memories and stuffed ducks and discussions about marriage... and Gerald, who has prepared a solemn speech for all the guests. On the way to the hotel with his wife, he will feel that small sadness that, suddenly, subtle as the years, will make us fly to Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century, just after independence between the supporters of Varela and the by Collins. Beckett and Mary live their clandestine love in the middle of a civil war, with a son they want to protect from the conflict; but it will be impossible. One evening, after months of not seeing each other, Beckett and Mary will meet in a dark pub in the city, fall in love, hide secrets and have to choose between love or ideals.

Artistic card

Joseph Kessel
Ramon Vila
Marc Artigau i Queralt and Oriol Broggi
Oriol Broggi

Borja Espinosa
Miranda Gas
Jacob Torres

Carles Pedragosa
Júlia Ribera
Marc Serra

Oriol Broggi
Pep Barcons
Annita Ribera
Àngels Salinas
Audiovisual design
Francesc Isern
Roger Àbalos and Damien Bazin
Assistant director
Montse Tixé
Marc Serra
Guillem Gelabert and Cesc Pastor
David Ruano / Bito Cels

A production by La Perla 29 and Teatre Romea

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Management notes

Els cors purs is a journey we've wanted to make for a long time. It's a spectacle that has been in our minds for a while and a text that haunted us - for what it tells, for the brutality hidden behind a seemingly simple story. Starting from Joseph Kessel's narrative, we would like to manage to explain the almost motionless relationship between two people who love each other; to explain their causes, arguments, renunciations.

How to transport this situation, practically devoid of action, into theatrical language? We'll let the actors take over the characters (or vice versa), from where each one stands. Perhaps theater is this quest, a difficult path to find a new language, a way to show what we don't see at first glance; a peephole through which to observe the stillness of two people who do not allow themselves to love each other. An infinite sorrow. A pang in the heart that suddenly appears, while on stage, the actors - and the characters - conceal what they feel. And they fly, and words fly too, and with them ideas, and everything can float before us without finding it strange, as if something suddenly awakened inside us.

Some time ago, I was impressed to see a Hamlet with the Tiger Lillies - an accordionist sang with a broken voice as he soared, and his music pierced the soul. From that experience and the reunion with the old (and beautiful) text of Kessel, this show has emerged, which has gradually grown and been completed with various Irish references, words and phrases from different readings, old songs, memories, images, and ideas that have become part of us. And they drive us, again, to seek the plasticity and poetry in every moment. Why does Matisse paint naked people dancing on two colors, or Marc Chagall two lovers flying over passing life, and we can start crying for no reason? Why do we find it beautiful? Because it tells us something that we carry inside using a new form.

This story of Cork, in old, tumultuous, generous, kind Ireland, terrifies us in the heart, suddenly, and we would like it never to leave. Here it is that The pure hearts is a tale that would like to be a poem. A set of images, words, music, before you, within you.

Oriol Broggi



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